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Fiona Garland - Tracking Trisha (The Fox and the Hounds #1)

ĒIím tired of my loved ones always paying for my mistakesÖĒ


He swore on his fatherís grave that he would turn the infamous Black Hound Motorcycle Club into an honest business. The young, idealistic man finds himself trapped between the club's violent past as an outlaw gang and its bright future as a legitimate business. The newly appointed president wants the club to be the face of an honest motorcycle manufacturing company that is soon to be worth billions.

However, the release of Dante's uncle Cassius from prison threatens everything. Their future as a publically traded company is endangered when the club's checkered history enters the limelight. When Dante takes a ride to clear his head, he meets the person who will help solve all of his problems.


She is the last in the line of a family who owns the Foxtail Farms. Nevertheless, the farm has seen better days. The young woman will lose her birthright unless she can pay off her mounting debts.

Passionate, sympathetic, and iron-willed, the woman Trisha represents everything Dante wants the Black Hounds to be. Immediately attracted to the kind-hearted woman, Dante proposes a mutually beneficial deal. He will pay off her debts if she agrees to become his girlfriend. The charitable woman and her spotless record would serve as the perfect smokescreen for the playboy bikerís transition into becoming an honest businessman.

Trisha accepts to not only save her farm but also for the compassion she sees in Dante's heart. She wants to help the motorcycle club president become a better man. Soon, the two develop deeper feelings for each other that arenít covered in their agreement. The biker stops pretending to turn over a new leaf and starts becoming a better person for Trisha.

However, the Black Hound's dangerous past not only threatens their new business but also Trisha's life. Old enemies target new loved ones. The two have lost so many family members over the years but Dante will be damned if anyone tries to add one more.

Can Dante protect her from the violence of the past? Can a charade become true love? Can a fox live among the hounds?
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Juliana Conners - Jensen (The Bradford Brothers #1)

Sheís so stuck up. She obviously has something to prove. Her personality is so not my type. But all I want to do is put my hands all over that curvy ass of hers.


I donít do love. So why am I hung up on my lawyer, of all women? While she was waxing poetic as an eager law student, I was putting my life on the line to save my brothers in arms; risking it all jumping out of airplanes on my Special Ops missions to rescue American heroes cut off behind enemy lines.

Thanks to a bullshit assault and battery charge, I left the highly elite USAF OPSEC division. Now what I do is train new recruits to rescue servicemen when they're injured. I also do one night stands. But I donít do commitment.

So why am I so into this attorney who thinks sheís too good to represent me?

* * *

Heís dangerous. A criminal. He has tattoos. And heís not even my type. But those muscles. That chest. Are his good looks the only reason I canít get him out of my head?


I have it made. Iím an up and coming, successful lawyer at a large firm, and Iím engaged to the son of the founding partner. Sure, our relationship is more about politics than love, but what else does a woman need in this day and age?

At least thatís what I used to think. Until I met him. Jensen. I was supposed to save his career, save him. That was before shit hit the fan and I was told to take a "leave of absence" to "get my priorities straight"óall because I refused to be shady just to win the case.

Now Iím starting to think Jensen was sent to save my career. But as my job and my relationship start to unravel, the last thing I need is a distractionÖ
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