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ALMOST AN ANGEL is about a woman who's back visiting FROM the future.
Klutzy, loveable Sameh Smith, an aspiring Adept, was born 500 years from now. She's sent back from 2500 to give us a helping hand with developmental issues we need to master in order to evolve. Trouble is, Sameh is no expert in teleportation or healing. She’s better at recognizing honesty and understanding what’s really going on in people’s minds and hearts.

What’s going on in P.I. Adam Hawkins head when he first sees Sameh is definitely X rated. He’s never met anyone like her before. Who has? He figures she’s a nutcase, even though she does look--well, almost like an angel. And how to explain the amazing effect she has on his partner's handicapped son?

Adam is adept at seduction, disparaging of love, except when it comes to kids. He relies on subterfuge in relationships, Sameh knows only total honesty.

Can a flawed, not so ordinary guy and an insecure aspiring Adept find a way to bridge the emotional differences and the 500 years that separate them?

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