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Quote: Originally Posted by pamschleif View Post
Looking for a good copy of The Sicilian Marriage by MR. I found a copy on the main site but it has converter written across all pages in red.
A Sicilian Marriage by Michelle Reid

Sicilian billionaire Rafael Monteleone is determined to salvage his marriage. Nina doesn't want a Christmas reconciliation, but Rafael is very persuasive. How long will it be before they are back in their marriage bed making up for lost time?

My first try in edit

Thanks to original uploaders!

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The Venetian Playboy's Bride by Lucy Gordon
Book One in The Counts of Calvani

Dulcie Maddox is in Venice to work -- but she finds herself wanting to spend every day with a tall, handsome gondolier....

Guido Calvani is no gondolier -- he's actually one of the wealthiest aristocrats in Venice. He hasn't told Dulcie that, though; it's refreshing to be wanted for himself, rather than for his money. Only, now he's falling for Dulcie. He'd like to make her his bride -- but she has no idea who he really is, not even his real name. Then Guido discovers he's not the only one hiding a secret. And Dulcie's secret turns his world upside down....

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The Italian Millionaire's Marriage by Lucy Gordon
Book Two in The Counts of Calvani
Harriet d'Estino isn't interested in netting a rich husband -- but her little shop is thigh-deep in debt, so she's tempted when gorgeous Italian millionaire Marco Calvani makes her a proposal. If Harriet returns to Rome with him, Marco will lend her the money to pay off her creditors. If they marry, he'll write off the loan!

Harriet will go to Rome -- Marco's very persuasive, not to mention irresistibly attractive -- and at least the bailiffs will be off her back! And she'll go ahead with the marriage deal, but only if it's based on love, not convenience....
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The Tuscan Tycoon's Wife by Lucy Gordon
Book Three in The Counts of Calvani

Selena is tough and independent, scraping just enough money to survive. When she falls for Leo Calvani she thinks he's a kindred spirit -- apparently he lives a simple life in rural Italy and, like her, he's illegitimate....

But she arrives at his home only to discover it's the largest house in the district, that he owns two villages and his uncle is a count! This is not the Leo she thought he was. But then a new discovery comes to light -- Leo is proved not to be illegitimate after all, which makes him the count's heir! It's Selena's worst nightmare. There's no way she could ever be a countess
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Wedding in Venice by Lucy Gordon
Book Four in The Counts of Calvani
Ever since her parents divorced when she was a child, Justine has prided herself on being unromantic. She's not opposed to a little a male distraction, when she can find the time, but she'll never give herself completely to any man.

Though she doesn't approve of the way her friend Dulcie was dazzled into love by a charming Venetian aristocrat, Justine has agreed to come to Venice to photograph their impending wedding. But she is determined not to get swept up in the romance of the city herself. Will all that change when she meets Riccardo, a gorgeous Venetian hotelier with an overwhelming lust for life?
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Miracle Baby by Laura Bradford

Maggie Monroe stopped looking for magic ten months, twenty-two days and eight hours ago. Maybe it's his gift for fixing things. Or maybe it's because Rory's known Maggie is the woman for him since the day they met. But he seems intent on bringing the Christmas spirit back into the grieving widow's life...starting with a unique holiday surprise.

Try as she might, Maggie's finding it awfully hard to resist a man as persistent -- and appealing -- as Rory. Hired to restore her uncle's century-old inn, the Michigan carpenter has taken her on as another task. With his faith and love, can she help along that special miracle only two can create?

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Default Olivia Gates - To Tame a Sheik

I searched, and couldn't find this 1st book of Olivia Gates' "Pride of Zohayd" series. Found it elsewhere, and thought I'd share.


He'd noticed her across a crowded room, and in that instant Sheikh Shaheen Aal Shalaan wanted her. With just a few words, Shaheen had his mystery woman in his bed, where she awakened passions he'd long denied.

Then the sheikh discovered his lover's true identity. She was Johara, his childhood friend, now fully blossomed into a vision he could not do without. But his lineage demanded he take a wife of the throne's choosing. Anything else would have catastrophic results. Yet how could he turn away from the woman who carried his baby?
PM me for link, but only if you have also shared and have a few posts. I am forced to do this because there are “members” who are here for the sole purpose of taking our links and fileshare accounts down, EVEN THOUGH THE ACCOUNTS INCLUDE BOOKS WE HAVE BOUGHT (either ebook or print version). How is that different from sharing printed copies with friends, or borrowing them from a library? Blame these spies...

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No sooner does wealthy heiress Lady Moira MacMurdaugh breathe a sigh of relief for avoiding a disastrous marriage to a gambling womanizer than she is served with a lawsuit!
Torn between duty and this impulsive beauty who stirs him to distraction, solicitor Gordon McHeath has no choice but to go up against the woman whose kiss he's never forgotten. Until sinister forces threaten to upend Lady Moira's world and Gordon must cast the law book aside!
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Seduction by Charlotte Lamb

Clea felt insulted -- by both men!

Clea's stepfather, Kerasteri, had followed Greek custom in choosing a man for her to marry. Defying him meant arousing his violent temper.

Ben Winter was the man who desired her and was determined to have her. I know what you want more than you do, he kept insisting. But he saw only the betraying signs of her body; he didn't listen to her reasons for refusal.

Clea had little choice. But she was sure of one thing: she would not be owned or used by anyone. She was her own person!

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The Hoodwinked Bride by Barbara Boswell
Was beautiful, headstrong Angelica Carroll another supposed long-lost heiress claiming her right to the Fortune family riches? Not this time. Because twenty-five years ago, someone saw to it that the new baby Fortune remained a secret. And now someone -- maybe the heiress, maybe one of their own -- was blackmailing the powerful, wealthy Fortunes big-time.

Yet when the family hired private investigator Flynt Corrigan to insinuate himself into Angelica's life, the handsome, jaded man mysteriously married the heiress. And now everyone -- including the love-struck new bride -- had a private stake in keeping the mystery under wraps....
Not found it here, hope is not a double post!

Thks to the OU!

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Quote: Originally Posted by jj123 View Post
Was looking for this, thank you so much!

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The Duke's Double - Anita Mills

Once Bitten

Once upon a time, beautiful Joanna Sherwood, the Countess of Carew, had been wildly, helplessly in love with Adrian Delacourt, the darkly handsome, devastatingly charming Duke of Roxbury.

That was before she married Adrian. That was before he showed his true colors when he accused her of unfaithfulness and dragged her name through the mud of public scandal. That was before she fled to Italy with Adrian's best friend, Gareth Sherwood, who rescued her from the total ruin of her divorce by making her his wife.

Now Joanna had returned to England as a ravishing young widow--only to find nothing had changed.

Unfair scandal still shrouded her name--and impossible love still burned in her heart....

Epub, mobi, html

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The Outlaw's Return by Victoria Bylin
J. T. Quinn would know Mary Larue's beautiful voice anywhere. He just never expected to hear her singing in a Denver church. The gunslinger comes to town to reunite with the only woman he's ever loved...but the actress he left behind two years ago is gone. In her place is a deeply Christian woman with a successful restaurant, the town's respect and a pair of younger siblings in her care. J.T. doubts he'll ever be worthy of Mary again, but he can protect her and her siblings from the threats of a local ne'er-do-well. And with courage and faith, perhaps even an outlaw can earn redemption -- and love....
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Janet Tronstad - Wife Wanted in Dry Creek
A book in the Dry Creek series
Thanks to his uncle posting a prayer request in the church bulletin, all of Dry Creek, Montana, thinks Conrad Nelson wants a wife. A busy mechanic, Conrad is doing just fine on his own. But then the very woman he described as the perfect wife drives into his life. Katrina Britton is in town only temporarily to care for her young nephews -- and the worry in her pretty green eyes has him keeping his distance. Until even Dry Creek's confirmed bachelor realizes they're each other's answered prayers
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