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Default Video Lectures on Economics NewLinks

Video Lectures on Economics NewLinks

TTC - Economics
English | AVI | XVID 300 kbps 25 fps | 384x288 | MP3 64 kbps 44 KHz | 2.4 GB
Genre: elearning


Weare all economists?when we work, buy, save, invest, pay taxes, andvote. It repays us many times over to be good economists. Economicissues are active in our lives every day. However, when the subject ofeconomics comes up in conversation or on the news, we can find ourselveslonging for a more sophisticated understanding of the fundamentals ofeconomics.

How can I get an overview of the entire U.S. economy
Why do budget deficits matter
What exactly does the Federal Reserve do
Why do most economists favor international trade so strongly

Economics,3rd Edition, will help you think about and discuss these and othereconomic issues that affect you and the nation every day?interest rates,unemployment, personal investing, budget deficits, globalization, andmany more?with a greater level of knowledge and sophistication.

Designedfor those who havent already purchased our 2nd Edition economicscourse, this enlarged and reorganized 3rd Edition includes updatedstatistics and discussions of more recent events. It also featuresexpanded coverage in areas of great public interest, such as anti-trustissues, corporate responsibility, and international financial crashes.

Master the Basics of Economics


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