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Default Zivorad M. Slavinski - Spiritual Technology

Zivorad M. Slavinski - Spiritual Technology

Zivorad M. Slavinski - Spiritual Technology
Description There are many contemporary Paths of Evolution. The systems of Spiritual Technology of Z. M. Slavinski, from Belgrade, Yugoslavia, are among the quickest and safest. They are adapted to contemporary man. They are safe. And they are cheap, quick and very, very efficient. In a way it is similar to EFT, but is dealing with the problem in a more holistic manner. It is a system do deal with your psychological, psycho-emotional, psycho-physical and psycho-energetic issues, to reach their core and to dissolve them.

This torrent actually is the film of a two day practical seminar with Z. M. Slavinski where he explains, discusses and demonstrates system and the techniques.

The torrent consists of 60 video files, but basically there are was 3 videos - Introduction, First day and Second day.
The First and Second Day videos are separated into 59 smaller videos and are each named for easiness of use. There is no other structure, First time you use it just go from the first to the last, and then when you will want to re-watch something, the separation and naming will become handy. Sorry for my English, hope you understand everything

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