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Default Rear ended...no, not in THAT way.

Even have one of those days...and then have it again?

Back in February of last year I got hit by some older lady in a small suv. We(me and my 2 kids) were in gridlock inching forward. After hitting me, she backs up outta my vehicle and in a panic to see how I'm doing, forgets to put the car in park and runs herself over. She gets sucked under the vehicle and hits the car behind her, which stops her suv...on top of her leg.

So I run out and she's screaming(well duh), and I jump in her car and put it in drive and gun it so it rolls off of her leg. That's the exciting part of course...the dull portion is that we took the insurance money, they gave me a nice check to get my truck fixed and eventually I did. My dad has been in the auto repair business for years and so he and one of his workers fixed it ultra cheap.

But... I'm less than one month from my anniversary from the accident and I got rear ended AGAIN today. This scenario's not near as dramatic as the first, but the thing that's pissing me off is that it took a few months to find a matching tailgate for a decent price and then get the paint/find the time ect. I basically just got it to 100% a couple months back and now this.

Am I a target? Do I have some kind of karma about me that encourages people to drive up my tailpipe? Scratch that...I even moved my tailpipes! I have side pipes now lol.

This is my truck...or as I refer to it "Dad's family assault vehicle". Nothing special under the hood but there's 2 DVD players(6" in the deck and 10" overhead) and about 1600 watts with 2x12" shallow mounted subs. My place of zen you might say.

And here's the pic of the damage..
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Glad you're okay. I went through the same thing a few days ago. My mom and I stopped at a red light, and a drug addict ran into us at about 40 mph. It totalled the whole rear end of the car. We spent the rest of the day in the hospital because I wanted to see if my mom is okay. I never got checked out myself because I had enough of going to the hospital.
Thankfully, nothing was serious.
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Glad everyone's alright from both tales of woe.

Drivers are too distracted now. Whenever I stop at a crossing or an intersection, I always watch my rear view mirror. A few months ago I nearly got rear ended at a pedestrian crossing as some idiot turned his head to talk to his wife (I HATE DRIVERS WHO DO THAT). Lucky for me, his wife screamed at him to stop and the pedestrian was clear of my side of the road and it allowed me to accelerate out of the way of the idiot. I wanted to drag him out of his car and beat some driving sense into him.

Road rage?

You bet!
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At least the damage is to the vehicle and not your lives! :) Incidentally, I was almost in a crash today. I carpool with my buddy to work and we were stopping somewhere for a quick breakfast. On our way, some dick decides to run a red just as we were turning through the intersection. This was on a major road where we were doing 80 km/h he probably wouldn't have been doing too well if we had hit him.

I know too many horror stories that include myself and ones close to me involving vehicles and it still makes me somewhat anxious when it comes to driving...
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My sister had a habit of driving too close to other cars and as a result she rear ended a fu***g b***h car, when the cops showed up the b***h had my sister arrested, my sister was out of jail the next day fortunately, but she had to pay the b*** h car repairs.

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Sooooo you started the thread to say you have 2 DVD players and 1600W audio...

Truck is a bit pimpy, so is between i like it and i dont, but the rest of the nonsense is just nonsense.

BTW to get 1600W from 12V you'll need a 133Amp battery or two 65+ Amp and that's only for the first hour with engine off and with engine on you'll need maybe another battery.
Those 1600W are only marketing Watts, the real power would be around 100W
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well my american side tells me, that it just sucks.

my asian side of me says "red car for you is bad funshwa"
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Glad no friends or family were injured.
As for the truck; come on man. It's a Ford.
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Someone should hit you from the front, because those head lights are ugly. It was 20 bucks for me to clean up my headlights. Maybe yours need changing but those are just dirty.
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Ok...as a citizen of the EU I cant resist ...

How many feet to the a gallon?

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That kind of stuff happens when you live in Florida.
I had some of the strangest accidents when I lived there involving the elderly.
Too many retired ppl.
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dude i think i found your car online

:D :D just for kicks
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