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Default Speaking Of Goats...

I was looking for a file on Furk but they didn't have it. However, they were helpful enough to provide me with this. I kept meaning to look up this VERY important info but just didn't seem to find the time to do so.

So now, having finally found the Holy Grail, I - in my oh so infinite compassion - have chosen to share it with all of you.

NOT to be confused with a sheep, mind you. I know how some of you are with those things.

Hope this helps!

Peace to you and yours,
Matthew "Dra'Gon" Stohler
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So when I need to slaughter one.........
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very useful, thanks for the share.

+ 1 rep for you
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No, your Honor, I had the goat by his poll not the horns. . . .
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Hey, goat tastes pretty damn good. Usually a much younger thus tender one though. And you are right. I do prefer sheep. Particularly that cute one that winked at me. Don't care for mutton, but do love Irish stew with lamb and potatoes.

BTW, she said friends usually just call her baaaby.
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Thank you for sharing this!
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