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Default Special effort.

A woman has an appointment with her gynecologist and by the time she gets the kids off to school she is running late and doesn't really have time for her morning shower so she is in a hurry and just grabs a face washer and washes around the appropriate area and quickly dresses and rushes off. When she gets in the gynecologists room he asks her to lay back and put her nees up and he runs a sheet across her and gets down to inspection.
Suddenly he pops his head up above the sheet and says my-my-my we did go to an extra special effort this morning didn't we. She doesn't know what he is talking about and ignores him but she is wondering what he was on about when she left. When the children come home from school the little girl ask her mother what happened to the face washer that was folded in the bathroom. The woman says I used that one just get another from the bathroom cabinet. no mom says the little girl I need that one because it has all my glitter and sparkles in it.
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That's how I image Bella Swan's vag would look like.
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