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Quote: Originally Posted by LeakyCauldron View Post
ive never watched the classic series *shock* I know lol
TBH, you probably wouldn't think all that much of the classic stuff. They had some epic plot-lines, Some stellar actors playing the Dr. (Pertwee & Tom Baker were seriously my favourites out of the lot) and the list of guest stars over the years reads like a who's who of British Film, TV & theatre - even top of the bill serious Royal Shakespeare theatre co. Actors were queueing up to get their faces in an episode. The BBC's radiophonic workshop were even breaking new ground in the production of analogue electronic music and effects for the show.

But for all that the BBC never really saw DH as anything more than a kiddies TV show (despite the fact that even then it had a huge adult audience) - the shows original producer was Verity Lambert, the doyenne of children's TV at the Beeb. Even up until they canned it in 1990 their production budgets literally ran to string, cardboard, sticky tape and painted bubble wrap. Seriously, sometimes the show looked even cheaper than the notorious Blakes 7.

I bumped into the crew filming in Bristol in '87 and offered to bank-roll the special effects for the story they were producing, but they didn't have change for a 5 note.
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Even if the show now is more directed towards kids/young teens etc the the last couple of seasons have been pretty amazing tennants performance was just wow and smith is also heading the wow factor they have definitly gone out of their comfort zone going to america in the series 6 pilot etc For a tv show the production value looks amazing especially in the episodes pandorica opens/the big bang and a good man goes to its pretty high standard stuff and I think kids are lucky to have such an awesome scifi show.
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Quote: Originally Posted by graglin View Post
Dates back to 1963 =)
It stopped in 1989 and was revived in 2005 with a much larger budget and Russell T Davies as lead writer, as of the 11th doctor Stephen Mofat currently holds that position; he also worked on 'Sherlock' last year which I thought was great!
Wow,I actually thought of the 90's but DANG that's old.

Quote: Originally Posted by Method512 View Post
@Neo It isn't a movie, it's a show. It has 777 episodes (according to wiki) and 26 series.
I thought this video was going to suck when I saw it on youtube frontpage butt it actually sums up pretty good.

Hmmm,I'll actually check the episode........
And If it's not good then

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I dont remember much of the old Doctor Who series, but I like a lot the New doctror Who series from 2005 onwards. I still cant say if I like or dislike Matt Smith, but Amy & Rory make the latest doctor actor more bearable. I i liked a lot the recipe of Tennent & Rose, but the scripts weren't as strong as the latest 2 seasons. Bottom line, I cann't get enough Doctor, one of the greatest Sci-Fi shows ever for me, but I think Matt Smith will not last very long as a Doctor, my personal opinion is that he hasn't the acceptance of D. Tennant who was very good at the role of the ironic and cunning character.
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Quote: Originally Posted by Loora View Post
... even Richard Hammond would have been a MUCH better choice for the part.
Am trying to imagine this :)

I resisted Matt Smith for so long - but even though he's not DT, I still enjoy him as the Doctor now.
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