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Default Aiki Expo 2003 Seminars

Aiki Expo 2003 Seminars

An intimate look at class sessions held at Aiki Expo 2003 with the nine outstanding, featured instructors. Each teacher offers his own unique approach with numerous hints and explanations that will be of great value to you in your own practice. There are many closeup shots showing key details to the understanding of techniques. Each section devoted to individual instructors runs 15-20 minutes. These DVDs contain a wealth of information and will inspire you to renew your efforts in training.
http://*********/h6wlfunuk6mg	Aiki Expo 2003 Seminars[Minthrea.ws].part1.rar
http://*********/869qocccctki	Aiki Expo 2003 Seminars[Minthrea.ws].part2.rar
http://*********/ly7stser167l	Aiki Expo 2003 Seminars[Minthrea.ws].part3.rar
http://*********/qx67v18amsis	Aiki Expo 2003 Seminars[Minthrea.ws].part4.rar
http://*********/sqnjv7a2dvc2	Aiki Expo 2003 Seminars[Minthrea.ws].part5.rar

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