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Crusader Kings II mods

Just some of the most popular mods out there for Crusader Kings II

2.0.4 patch compatible

Historical Immersion Project Released 2014-01-31

Unzip *everything* in the HIP.7z archive, including the python33.dll, into your mod folder
Run HIP.exe. If you have Python 3 or later installed you can instead run this file directly. For non-Windows platforms and 32-bit Windows, that is currently the only way to run the installer
Answer the questions the command line asks. Default is "yes" for every question
Enable HIP through the launcher and start the game. Optionally delete python33.dll, the installer, and the .7z file
For manual instructions for those who cannot run .exe files on their machine, see the readme included in the download.

What is the Historical Immersion Project?
HIP is a modular project consisting of five previously independent mods:

-SomeWhat More Historical (SWMH)
-Project Balance
-New Borders, Rivers, and Terrain+ (NBRT+)
-Vanilla Immersion, Events, and Traits (VIET)

These five mods are split in a total of eight modules. These can be independently toggled during installation of HIP, leaving it up to the user how they wish to combine them.

SWMH - Is a map, history and culture overhaul attempting to replicate the medieval world. It adds numerous new provinces, cultures, and titles

ARKOpack armoiries - Improves the coats of arms in the game, both the dynastic ones and the titular ones

ARKOpack interface - Gives the game's interface a completely new look

Project Balance - Improves historical plausibility through numerous tweaks. Attempts to preserve the vanilla experience while still making the game more interesting to play

NBRT+ - Improves the graphics of the game's map, giving a cleaner, more appealing look

VIET Traits - Adds a number of congenital traits to the game. Also included in the Project Balance module

VIET Events - Adds a large number of flavor events to the game, making for a more interesting experience

VIET Immersion - Aims to improve the depth and detail of the various cultures and religions, making each of them stand out and make for more unique gameplay. Unfortunately not yet compatible with the SWMH module

CK2Plus Continuation 2.06.3
CK2Plus Continuation 2.06.3:


Better Looking Garbs (BLG):

The purpose of CK2+ is to create a broader, deeper, more challenging and more balanced CK2 experience without straying too far from the original game mechanics or tacking on deterministic railroading events and modifiers. The purpose of this mod is not historical accuracy (although I try to preserve it whenever it is not a major detriment to gameplay) but rather to embrace and enrichen the medieval intrigue sandbox that is CK2, while fixing its various little issues and exploits.

Included Mods
- ARKO Pack
- Patrum Scuta
- All the Way to Timbuktu
- Syren's Nicknames Mod
- Family Relations Mod
- Council Shuffling Mod
- HRE Revised Coronation Mod
- Offer You Can't Refuse
- Culturally Different Cities
- Millennium
- Additional Objectives 2.0
- Sniggle's Bookmarks
- No Hassles Vassals
- Flavourful Titular Titles
- Mazdayasna Zarathushtrish
- Catholics can Mend the Great Schism!
- Ancient Religions 
- Arumba's keybinding + gui tweak mod
- Better Looking Garbs
- Consort Mod for CK2
- Dungeons and Sieges
- Deus Vult Europa Divisa
- NBRT+ by EOOQE (no link since thread is empty)
- England Flag Changing Mod
- Blindfold Instead of Blinded Eyes*
- Various Micro Mods*
- Papal Forces*
* added since last version

Compatible Mods
These are mods whose authors maintain mod compatibility with CK2+. Please note that these mods may not be updated for the latest version of CK2+ and that we do not offer support for issues caused by conflicts between CK2+ and other mods, compatible or not.
- Vanilla Immersion, Events, and Traits (VIET)
- K÷ppen Climate Classification
- Dynamic Duchies
- Byzantine Themata System

Project Balance 3.4.0

The goal of Project Balance is to improve the play experience not by adding a large amount of new features, but by making small changes to make the game more interesting and historically plausible.
With Project Balance installed you'll have things that could not have possibly happened historically happen much less often, but it will still feel much like the same game.

Main features:
Tech spread has been overhauled so that technology spreads in a more realistic fashion
Most realms that survived historically will be considerably more likely to do so. Examples include the Ethiopians and the Pagans
The big land grabbers in vanilla now act more historically
Major conflicts, like Iberia or Byzantium, are no longer resolved in decades
Improved cultural and religious spread
Improved cultural buildings
Reworked de jure kingdoms
Reworked crown and demesne law. Dejure law is more difficult to increase, but you can specialise it more
Wars are more expensive to start and wage
More republics
Republics are less overpowered
SWMH compatibility

Known Compatible Mods:
While most mods aren't compatible with Project Balance due to it modifying much of the game's code-files, some smaller mods are. This is an incomplete list of mods that are compatible. If you know of any compatible mod not on this list, please post it in this thread or PM it to me. Make sure to include a link to its thread.
All mods on this list are compatible with PB+SWMH unless otherwise noted.

-SWMH - By Aasmul and his team (requires compatibility patch which is included in PB's download)
-Kingdoms Abound Title Generator - By Measter
-Missing CoAs - By AUTOMATIC
-Vanilla Immersion, Events, and Traits - By cybrxkhan
-Cultures and Portraits Revamp - By cybrxkhan
-Armories ARKO Pack - By Arko (make sure you delete the landed_titles folder from it if using SWMH)
-Family Relations - By avee
-NBRT+ / New Borders, Rivers, and Terrain - By EOOQE
-Culturally Different Cities - By Velho e Bom Joe (make sure to use the "+compatible" version)
-Zulu Invasion - By neondt
-High Kings, Consuls and other crazy things - By superskierpat
-Additional Objectives 2.0 - By ZachPruckowski
-Mazdayasna Zarathushtrish (Zoroastrianism expanded) - By Maestro Ugo
-Council Equality mod - By NejinOniwa
-ClearCombat - By Arumba (make sure you delete the defines.lua file)
-Painterly CK2 - By Fishman786 (not SWMH compatible)
-Millennium: Europe 1000 AD - By Athalcor
-Ancient Religions - By superskierpat (use PB compatibility patch)
-Deus Meus et Omnia - College of Cardinals - By Carbon

Middle Earth Project 0.1.4b

The Middle Earth Project is a full conversion mod for Crusader Kings 2 by Tolkien fans, for Tolkien fans. 

Development Progress
The mod is currently in open beta, and can be downloaded below.
This is a first beta and there will be bugs. Nothing is set in stone and we will appreciate any input that you think might improve the mod.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Which bookmarks will be available?
Currently the only available bookmark is the 'War of the Ring', but we plan on bookmarks for the Fall of Arnor, Kinstrife and 4th Age.
How large will the map be?
The map currently covers the main areas of Tolkien's Middle Earth, from the edges of Forodwaith in the North to the Dune Sea in the South, and from the Rhun in the East to Lindon in the West.
What languages is the mod available in?
The mod currently has English and French localisations. These are unfinished, and we also plan for Italian and German localisation.
Are any DLCs required to run MEP?
The mod will run without any DLC, but it's highly recommended to have at least the Old Gods for the best experience.
When will the mod be released?
It has been! Go and download it!
This mod is being developed independently from any other LotR or Middle Earth mods out there. 

The main features you can expect to see in this mod.
-Immersive Middle Earth experience, including cultural, religious and flavour events in keeping (as far as possible) with the lore and canon.
-Fully realised Middle Earth map with over 650 land provinces.
-Full dynasties and histories of Middle Earth, including genetic traits and bloodlines.
-New playable races including elves, dwarves, orcs, halflings and more.
-Play through a variety of bookmarks in the Third Age of Middle Earth including the fall of Arnor, the Kinstrife and the War of the Ring (Currently the mod only includes the War of the Ring bookmark).
-Totally new and original crests and other artwork immersing you in our take on the Lord of the Rings

Gameplay Explanations
Changes from vanilla gameplay.
-Plots are restricted for certain cultures, some of these restrictions end either when Sauron is destroyed via the ring quest, or if the year is 11390.
-Some units from certain cultures are very powerful, but there are fewer of them. Others, like orcs, are weaker but there are many more of them.
-Some events (such as when Mordor or Gondor is conquered and the nobles/provinces change cultures or are expelled MAY lead to a crash to desktop if your computer is a bit dated). The solution is to reload, play at speed 1, and let the event take its course, then you can speed up again.
-This is a late alpha/early beta. There may be some issues because of that - please report them in our mod forum, or on the main thread on the Paradox forums
-The mod is NOT fully tested for balance. We will need your feedback to get the mix right so it is challenging and fun for all sides.

Vanilla Immersion, Events, and Traits - A Modular Flavor and Tweak Mod

Portrait Fix for - Download if you do NOT have ALL portrait DLCs!

Customization Options for

VIET->EUIV converter 1.1.2

For PB+VIET users, Traits module has been removed since Traits has already been integrated into PB for a while, so you won't need it.

VIET is 100% Compatible with Project Balance! Have the best of both worlds: balance and flavor!

The Immersion, Core, and Defines modules are NOT compatible with PB+SWMH/SWMH (yet)!

Key features of VIET include:
Modules, compatches, and customization options (including in-game customization!) allow for a level of customization rarely seen in other mods!
Music modules! Over 100+ new songs to enhance your CKII audio experience! 100% compatible with ANY mod or combinations of mods - VIET is not required!
Tons of new flavor events that provide variety!
Tweaks to existing traits - traits actually matter now, and have a bigger effect on attributes, relationships, event choices, and more!
New cultures and portrait sets, including melting pot cultures, and improvements to existing portrait sets, including more Orthodox beards and more Irish/Scottish redheads!
Reduced blobbing and other balance tweaks!
Several new Republics, including several Muslim "Republics" in the Indian Ocean!
Culture/Religion specific mechanics! Byzantine dynasty shifting, West African Griots, and more!
EUIV Converter that not only converts your game, but adds new National Ideas, features for religions, and an improved tech allocation system!
And many more flavor and gameplay tweaks, changes and additions!

VIET is a modular mod that focuses on adding flavor and roleplay options while still keeping things as close to vanilla as possible, in contrast with other large mods such as The Prince and the Thane or CKII+. VIET consists of four main modules: Core, Events, Traits, and Immersion. There are also the music and Defines mini-modules, as well as the Assets module (which is required for all versions).

Inspired by Project Balance’s minimalist philosophy, I try to keep things as close to vanilla as possible. In general, VIET tries not to change any part of vanilla or add anything new unless if it 1) adds flavor and fun; 2) can be implemented in a way that doesn’t upset balance and vanilla gameplay too much; 3) is historically plausible/believable. As a general rule of thumb, I try to add nothing more substantial than Legacy of Rome.

One of the most important features of VIET is its modular feature and the level of customization it offers. One of the shortcomings of modding in general, and a main reason why some players don’t like playing mods, is because they don’t agree with 100% of a mod’s changes. While my mod is by any means perfect, I hope VIET will allow you to play CKII the way you want to play it, and not be restricted to my vision (or the vision of any other modder). So choose what you want and what you don’t want. Don’t like how Orthodoxy can’t declare holy war on Muslims? Fire up a decision in-game to change that. Think my steppe portraits look atrocious? Install one of several alternatives or replace them with the vanilla looks. Don’t really like a lot of the new features, but like the new flavor events? Just play with VIET Events, then. While I can only offer so many customization options and modules, as this mod continues to develop, I will try to make as many as I can - if you want one, feel free to request it!

VIET is a constantly evolving mod - my original vision of VIET has changed greatly as this mod has grown - so concerns and suggestions of any sort are always welcome! Mods don’t exist in a vacuum - they’re nothing without users, so any feedback is most appreciated.

Because VIET is modular and has a few different versions, installation is a bit more complicated than most mods. Please ask questions if you aren’t sure on anything.

1. Download the .rar file.
2. Install the VIET Assets module first (i.e. the "VIET Assets" folder and the associated .mod file). It’s required for all versions of VIET (except for VIET Music).
3. Install whatever other modules you wish to use (both the mod folder and the associate .mod files). Make sure you’re using the right versions - for instance, PB users should use the PB versions (obviously).
4. If you do not have all the portrait DLCs, go to “Portrait DLC Fix” in the “Customization Options” folder and follow the instructions there.
5. Launch CKII and select the modules you want, and play!

If you are an old user, remember to delete all your old VIET files before installing the new ones.

If you’d like to further customize your VIET experience, be sure to check the “Customization Options” folder and ôCompatches” folders. Instructions for the various customization options and compatches are included in their respective folders.

Lastly, if you want the new VIET Music, you’ll find all of the music modules at the bottom of the post. Download and install the ones you want.
All music is legally available online, so you don't have to worry about legal issues. Except in rare cases, all music included can play at any time (unlike DLC music which was originally programmed to only play in certain situations). However, almost all songs are programmed to be more likely in certain situations.

African :
Celtic :
Celtic 2 :
Celtic 3 :
Chant Collection :
English Renaissance :
English Renaissance 2 :
English Renaissance 3 :
French Renaissance :
French Renaissance 2 :
German Renaissance :
German Renaissance 2 :
Hindu :
Iranian :
Italian Renaissance :
Jewish :
Jewish 2 :
Medieval Mediterranean :
Middle East 1 :
Middle East 2 :
Nature Sounds :
Random Medieval :
Random Medieval 2 :
Random Medieval 3 :
Random Medieval 4 :
Random Renaissance :
Random Renaissance 2 :
Spanish Guitar :
Spanish Renaissance :
Turkish :
West African :

Other mods and mini-mods integrated currently or formerly, fully or partially into VIET, or that have elements and/or ideas borrowed from:
Additional Objectives 2.0
Age Customizer
An Offer You Can’t Refuse - A Sicilian Culture Minimod
Blinding your siblings
Catholic’s Can Mend the Schism Mini-mod
CPR (Cultures and Portraits Revamp)
Crackdtoothgrin's Graphical Goodies
Danish Invasion Mod 1069
Decadence Breakup
Dorrit Moussaief's Iceland is the Most Biggest Country in the World Mod
Family Relations
Finno-Ugric Mod series
High Kings, Consuls and other crazy things. A localisation mod.
Jewish Courtiers
Judaism - The Diaspora, the Exilarchs and the Khazars
Koppen Climate Classification
Little Portrait Mod
Lux Invicta
Mazdayasna Zarathushtrish - Zoroastrianism expanded
Mediterranean Ladies Beautified Mod
Memento Mori
Missing COA
No more random heresies
Old Age
Project Balance
Republic Trade Events income-scaled and attribute-weighted
Retouched Mongolian Eyes
SoH 1.07
Succession Law Factions for Tanistry and Ultimogeniture
Syren's Nicknames Mod
Ůjˇ­veldi­ ═sland (Icelandic Commonwealth)
Various Micro-mods

Lux Invicta V6I

Lux Invicta is an alternate history and gameplay mod. It's called Invincible Light because the original focus of my modding was centered on allowing me to play the two hostile "Realms of Light" - the Imperium Romanum worshiping Sol Invictus, and the Ahura Mazda worshiping Sassanid Eranshahr. You will also notice that the Light of Classical Antiquity has not been extinguished. Can you banish the Dark Ages?

- Roleplay your character! Hundreds of new events!
- Many new traits! Blood Traits with dynastic histories attached!
- Around 2700 new buildings(number fluctuates depending on udpates) including regional troops, legendary military traditions, a bureaucratic system etc.
- Stats and traits matter! For instance Learning is supremely important to tech research, Martial affects your overall military power in many ways, such as levy numbers, Stewardship greatly affects your income etc!
- New modifiers of various sorts!
- The world is deadly! Death chance from all sources from battle to disease is increased!
- Revamped casus belli system! Wars cost resources! Holly wars require traits and resources to wage! New Total War and Expansion Casus Belli etc!
- Councillor skills and opinion of their masters matter a lot now! A skilled loyal councillor is much preferable to a disloyal incompetent! Make sure you have the right man(or woman) for the job!
- Revamped setup with MANY new states (from Gothia to Baktria), cultures (from Gallo-Romans to Serindians), dynasties (from Argeadai to the Artorii), religions (from Sol Invictus to Zalmoxianism), and characters added.
- A new expanded religious system!
- MANY mercenaries and holy orders added including MANY State Troops.
- New laws! Military, economic and control policies! Raising crown authority and centralizing your state is difficult! It requires traits and resources!
- New ambitions, plots and decisions!
- Many specific/culture related creatable Empires! From the Hellenic Hegemony to Arche Seleukeia!
- A genetic inheritance system courtesy of wiz -for the Kwisatz Haderach breeders.
- A new cultural administration system diferentiated by culture for kings and emperors.
- anti blobbing measures with various bad things happening to Kings and Emperors with bad stats or large demesne.
- non-Basques can use Absolute Cognatic.(as requested)
- A vassals join in rebellion vs liege system inspired by wiz's CK2+. (as requested)
- New graphics. Improved character looks, including individualized DNA given to all independent historical characters.
- Hundreds of new dynasties - the new dynasties of historical characters all have their own CoAs.
- A gigantic amount of localisation.
- Countless tweaks under the hood changing pretty much everything.

Umbra Spherae 3rd December 2013

(as of 27th June 2013):
VIET Hindu Music Pack by cybrxkhan
The Mercenary Mod by Solo?

The objective of this mod is to add the rest of Asia and extending non-Vanilla Africa to Crusader Kings II. No provinces in Europe and Middle East will be removed.
Although some of the civilizations that will be added were not feudal and/or other parts of gameplay don't fit, we want to add them anyway so that a player can play with any dynasty/country of the Old World in this era.
Is this mod finished?
No. This mod is not finished. There are things still needed to be done, we are looking to have everything done for the game start (1066) first, but later the vanilla timeline, and possible extensions, will be added. In any case, the mod is currently playable with any character (excluding non-merchant republics and theocracies like vanilla). So you can have fun and give us feedback!
What does this map expansion includes?
This mod adds the entire Eurasian continent, including all Indonesia, Philippines, Japan and West Papua. It also includes most of Africa, although currently Africa wasn't added yet so there's nothing there to play.
This mod is very heavy so if it crashes try this fix, applying it to the files ck2.exe and ck2game.exe. Make backup of them just in case: http://ntcore.com/4gb_patch.php
NOTE: Some people are reporting that the mod crashes the first time it is loading but after that the mod loads correctly. So try more than once to see if the problem is solved this way.

Diadochi Kings 0.0.3
Diadochi Kings 0.0.5 for CKII v2.03

Diadochi Kings BLC 0.0.5 for CKII v2.03
BLC is an optional module to Diadochi Kings that changes portrait graphics

Diadochi Kings is a complete overhaul mod for CK2. As the name suggests, it (initially) takes place following the death of Alexander the Great and focuses on the following wars in the Mediterranean. Possible future scenarios include Cyrus the Great, Philip of Macedon, and many more!

List of features:
Brand new map that covers the Mediterranean and Near East by shifting south-east from the Vanilla game's map.
All new characters, titles, religions, and cultures.
New events, decisions, and building to bring the ancient world to life.
New features that will add unprecedented historical accuracy.

Crackdtoothgrin's Graphical Goodies
Steppe Faces v1.5 
(This is the current version for 2.03, including PB Compatch for Project Balance)
This particular mod is in Version 1.5 at the moment. It essentially adds a custom portrait set for the Cumans, Pechenegs, and Seljuk Turks in-game to increase the flavor and historical accuracy. Also included are correct COAs based on Tamghas and extant illustrations of flags. This version is compatible with 2.03, including all released Paradox face packs, LoR, The Republic, SoI, and SoA.
This release comes in two packages: Package 1 has the full Cuman face mask. They went into battle wearing full metal Vaegir masks (Like Baldwin in 'Kingdom of Heaven'). Package 2 has a flipped-up visor so that the face can be seen. In both cases, the female has a modified headgear set without the visor. The Pechenegs, in both sets, have spangenhelm helmets with attached coif. The Turks have the heavy Ghulam-style helmet with a painted pattern. Both of these are contained within the same .rar file. Included is a PB Compatch to replace his altaic.txt file if you are using PB. The Cuman culture has been expanded to include proper naming conventions and increase the number of names in both the mod and the compatch.

Elder Kings 0.1.4b

-Rich fantasy world based on the Elder Scrolls video games, including Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim
-Detailed map of Tamriel with over 1000 land provinces
-Over 30 new faiths and cults add considerable depth to religion 
-25 races and cultures, each with unique styles and bonuses
-New events to bring the world to life
-Dozens of new traits featuring brand new icons in the same style as vanilla.
-New diseases including bloodlung, the shakes and vampirism.
-Custom Soundtrack a custom soundtrack completely replacing vanillas, currently sitting at around 300mb of Elder Scrollsesque music.

The Interregnum:
The continent of Tamriel is in turmoil - the Second Empire has collapsed into anarchy.
Twenty years ago the Akaviri Potentate and his heir were slain by Morag Tong assassins, shattering the already fragile Empire into a hundred pieces. The Argonians, broken by the Empire's conquests, have reverted to a primitive tribal state, warring amongst themselves over the marshes of their home. Meanwhile, the Dunmer, safe in their "stable" Kingdom of Resdayn, prey upon them as they prey upon each other in their great game, the Houses plotting and scheming over each other's demesnes like hungry wolves.
In Skyrim, the once powerful position of High King has been reduced to but a shadow of its former self, as the Jarls look to their own borders in this time of chaos, fending off Falmer, Reachmen and Nordic Warlords alike while they try to hold their fractious people together.
Cyrodiil remains broken between the two great Kingdoms of Nibenay and Colovia, who wage war against each other over border provinces. The petty Kingdoms of Kvatch, Anvil and Skingrad battle raids from the Khajiit, Bosmer and Gold Coast Pirates, who flourish in the anarchy. All the while, the Imperial Council attempts to maintain some modicum of civility and calm in the maelstrom about them, and the powerful warlord duke of Rumare is their only guardian against the marauders that would see themselves crowned Emperor.
Who will you lead in this chaotic time?
Will you claim the throne of the Emperor of Tamriel, and usher in the 3rd Era? Will you form the Aldmeri Dominion and re-establish Mer authority over the lesser beings of men? Or perhaps you will lead one of the beast races to supremacy?
All this, and more, is possible in Elder Kings!

A Game of Thrones 0.5

Optional Music Mod

A Total Conversion Mod for Crusader Kings II

-What is this?
A Game of Thrones is a total conversion mod for Crusader Kings II, based on    George R. R. Martin's fantasy novel series, A Song of Ice and Fire.
-Who can I play?
You can play as any landed feudal noble in Westeros, Wildlings as well as the Night's Watch.
-What are some of the new features?
Knights, Maesters, our new "Megawar" system for handling civil wars, the Night's Watch, and a new system for plotting your assassinations are just a few among many.
-What scenarios are available?
The Seven Kingdoms, which ruled a divided Westeros in the age before Aegon's Conquest.
The War of Conquest, when Aegon Targaryen set out to forge the Seven Kingdoms into one, through fire and blood.
The Dance of the Dragons, upon Viserys' death in 129AL, the Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, Ser Criston Cole, defies the king's will, and crowns Prince Aegon as Aegon II. A civil war fought between Aegon II Targaryen and Rhaenyra Targaryen for control of the Iron Throne emerges.
Conquest of Dorne. When Prince Daeron the Young Dragon ascended the Iron Throne in 157 AL, he declared war on the independent Kingdom of Dorne to complete the legacy of his ancestor Aegon the Conqueror and to unite all Seven Kingdoms under Targaryen rule.
The Blackfyre Rebellion. Westeros is on the brink of civil war as Daemon Blackfyre, the legitimized bastard son of King Aegon IV, has risen in rebellion against his trueborn brother King Daeron II, forcing the lords of Westeros to choose between the black dragon and the red dragon.
After the Spring, in the aftermath of the Blackfyre Rebellion and the Great Spring Sickness, as House Blackfyre once again plots to take the Iron Throne.
Robert's Rebellion, when Robert Baratheon, Eddard Stark, Jon Arryn, Hoster Tully, and Tywin Lannister overthrew the Mad King and brought the Targaryen dynasty to an end.
The Crowned Stag, set in the immediate aftermath of the above, as the reign of King Robert begins.
The Greyjoy Rebellion, when the Iron Islands fought to be independent of the Iron Throne.
A Clash of Kings, set at the beginning of the book of the same name (Season Two of the HBO show).
A Feast for Crows, set at the beginning of the book of the same name (Contains huge spoilers for HBO viewers).

Witcher Kings (0.1.304 @ 2014-01-22)

The Witcher world is a rich fantasy world that surely deserves a Crusader Kings 2 mod.

Integrated Work:

VIET, cybrxkhan
Duel Engine, jordarkelf
ARKOpack, Arko
Succession Law Factions for Ultimogeniture and Tanistry, Jordarkelf
Syren's Nickname Mod, Syren
Council Shuffling Mod, The_Chancellor
New Borders Mod, EOOQE
Minimap Makeover, Korbah
Republic Trade Events income-scaled and attribute-weighted, riknap

SWMH country flags, Aasmul
Valyrian Portraits (AGOT), cabezaestufa
Hedge Knight COAs (AGOT), the_hdk & Rabid Bogling
Elf and Dwarf portraits, Lonhaldar (MEP)
Religious icons, AnaxXiphos
Dynasty COAs, Rabid Bogling

Crusader Kings Z 1.1

Crusader Kings Z ~ A Zombie Invasion Minimod for CK2
Some time after 1000 (if you're starting in 867), or any time after you start beyond 1066 Zombies will invade your world. They bring with them a deadly new plague, not to mention ravenous hordes of undead to consume medieval Europe.

SWMH 2.0 Map,de jure and general history mod. For a superior CK2 experience 2.8513

SWMH is first and foremost a comprehensive mapoverhaul, we have gone to great lengths to bring alive the medival world as contemporary accuartely as possible. Secondly it includes substantial work on history and cultural related features. All this work has been conducted with a philosophy of keeping as close to the core features as possible, in order to maximize compability with other mods.
-Adds an in depth overhaul of the map, in the process adding more than 400 provinces, 6000 medival barronies and reworking entites down to the last barrony.
-Adds new handdrawn coastlines for: Northern Europe(everything north of Bilbao, excluding Iceland, Finish lakes, and whitesea coast), atlantic coast of Morocco, western meditearian islands, a few places on the Italian peninsula, and Rhodos
-Adds a massive river and lake overhaul.
-Adds redrawn mountains for the Iberian peninsnula and Carpathians.
-Adds propper terrain for great parts of europe.
-Adds many new cultures, including a brakeup of the Italian culture
-Adds real cultural retinues, every culture has a retinue based on a for it apporiate RL military unit.
-Adds cultural modifiers, every culture is no longer the same as the next one.
-Adds unique, and culture specific form of address and titles.
-Adds cultural appropiate spelling to all entites(from empires all the way down to barronies), with many styling their contemporary medival spelling form(For instance Denmark sporting medival danish, while Norway featureing westnorse spelling).
-Adds full dynmamic naming to the Iberian peninsula and Baltic adjacent areas
-Adds a great many new historic dynasties and characters
-Adds more playable historical characters
-Adds the actual RL rulers to many entities
-Adds new republic(s)

Sengoku - There's too many warring states in Japan!

What is this you ask? Well it is a Japan mod for Crusader Kings II.

Thanks to the fact Sengoku uses pretty much the same engine, using the map was nearly painless, removing the biggest obstacle. Yes, indeed there is a Japan map (361 land provinces).
Based on Sengoku

Compatible Mods: NB+, TrueMute
Recommended DLC: Mongol Face Pack

* General Notes *
New Taoic religion group with Buddhism, Amidism, and Shintoism
Barely any women/marriages defined by default
No ships, you can walk to and from every island
Showa emperors have special trait that works similar to muslim sayyid
Emperor head of Shinto faith (unplayable)
No Mongols

Deus Meus et Omnia - College of Cardinals mod 1.0.5

This mod increases the number of members in the College of Cardinals to 20 and also adds a trait for all cardinals. 20 cardinals is an average number closer to how it was in reality in the early Middle Ages without being too overblown and should make the college a little more crowded and interesting. The trait that cardinals get gives a slight boost to learning (+2) given that they can congregate amongst the highest echelons of the Catholic Church, and also gives a slight opinion bonus. These bonuses are negligible for Pope election since all cardinals have them, but give bishops that are cardinals a slight bonus to bishops who aren't. Mostly, the trait is meant to quickly be able to differentiate between those who are cardinals and those who are not.

Compatibility & Usage
This mod is confirmed to be compatible with:

Alternate Portraits for Mongol Children

Tired of playing as Mongols and having children which appear to have invaded from an alternate universe in which people exist as lovely pencil sketches? Well, worry about those pesky inter-dimensional invaders no more!

Couple Minor Mods: Keyboard Shortcuts and Interface Adjust

Patched for compatibility with game version 2.0
Added shortcut key "n" to the split unit button

Keyboard Shortcuts: This adds 10 shortcuts to the game: "z","x","c","v","b","n",",",".","/","l"

z raises levy directly from any county you have control over
z also toggles siege interface while selecting a province or army in an enemy province.
z also sends units to the left side of an army or ship balancing screen, each press sends the bottom listed unit left. press and hold for rapid rebalancing
z will 'cancel' or 'go to' on event windows (such as disband troops, or after a siege/battle has completed)
z will go to the previous holding in demesne

x dismisses the currently selected levy (army or ship), *capital* "x" will dismiss ALL selected levies or ships

c raises ships directly from any county you have control over
c assaults holdings when you have an army/county is selected that allows for assaulting
c Confirms diplomacy interactions, and will 'ok' event windows (such as disband troops)

v embarks the currently selected levy into a ship that is IN port in that province
v also selects all armies inside boats if a ship is selected
v also will close one army at a time while having multiple armies selected. The two previously mentioned shortcuts take priorty. This shortcut is ideal for raiding with multiple armies as a viking. (v selects armies, right click all onto a county, press v, right click onto another county, repeat.)
v will create a new vassal from the holding screen of minor owned baronies

b merges selected levies or ships, so long as they are in the same zone or province (naturally.) If you have a single army/shipgroup the "b" key will open the new unit interface (ship/army rebalancing)
b also sends units to the right side of an army or ship balancing screen, each press sends the bottom listed unit right. press and hold for rapid rebalancing
b will go to the next holding in demesne
b is also back button for the main interfaces

n is bound to the 'split army/navy' button

l toggles looter status for pagan armies

, opens the ledger, and closes the ledger

. opens the find characters interface, and also closes it

/ opens the find title interface

################################################## ##############################
To manually alter keybindings, download notepad++ from ~removed~ and install
use notepad++ to 'search in files', select the mod folder as the directory
search for: Shortcut = "
(leave the quotations open)
this will pull up all the shortcuts listed in the mod files.
doubleclick on the bottom of the screen through each of the results until you see the "guiButtonType =	{" that looks like what you want.
you can alter or remove any of the options that say "shortcut = "x"" to your liking
There is some trial and error to this if you are not experienced with the layout of the game files. Just play with it, you'll figure it out.

Performance Mods

This mod helps users with low-end PCs play the game
What it does is basically tone down the graphics

The core version is:
FlatMap(Pretty) - just a simple mod that flattens all terrain and water can be rendered without draw_water (as a painted terrain and not animated). It also turns all the 10meg loading screen into 1 pixel whites for faster loading. Terrain is still pretty and recognizable just the map itself is flat.

The extended version is:
FlatMap(LowRes) - extended version of the above that removes all terrain overlays and heightmaps as well. Terrain now looks like quite pixelated as what you see is only what came from the complete map overlay. 

An additional side mod:
TrueMute - remove all songs from the playlist and redirects all sound fx to an empty .wav. I play muted on this laptop and not loading those is about a 200-250meg lower memory footprint and probably saves it processing power as well. It doesn't separate sound and music - the music part is simply the interface/sound.fx so if you want one or the other but not both that's all you need to know.

All of them together:
FlatMap and TrueMute - all of the above (lowres)

Any of the map mods should also include tweaking MyDocs\Paradox\CK2\settings.txt:

The specific mapRenderingOptions config you'll want to use for any of the map ones:


Side note: some of them have achievements.txt in there, I don't know if it's actually doing anything with that since I've never seen one pop up but just had that so that if it was actually making checks regularly to remove them. Not critical to any of the mods.

The  "Fogofwar" file as the name implies, reduces the fog of war density and makes the game run smoother. 
To use it just unzip and replace the  Fogofwar.dds  file in your  map/terrain  folder

Decorus Visum Collection
Map Font: Almendra
A legible, small caps gothic chancery font

Map Font: Aniron
An unical, fantasy-themed font

Map Font: Eagle Lake
A calligraphic, brush stroke font


Britannia 479 AD - The Winter King 0.98.1

- A completely new map covering Britain, Ireland and part of modern-day France.
- A campaign scenario starting in 479 AD, and revolving around two major struggles: the Anglo-Saxon invasion of Britain, and the religious conflict between the ancient british Gods and the "new" catholic faith. The campaign end date is set to 867 AD.
- Custom Events and Storylines. There are hundreds of new or modified events, including a search for the legendary thirteen Treasures of Britain (choose the ambition "Restore the Old Gods"), a basic druid selection and education system, events regarding anglo-saxon and frankish invasions, religious conversions, trading routes with the mediterranean sea, seasonal events, and much more.
- A number of new traits, modifiers, decisions and ambitions/objectives.
- A dynamic 'Music Module'
- A dynamic 'de jure' map system that allows multiple 'de jure' map configurations.
- Custom buildings, appropriate for post-roman Britain. Several of them are culture-based or terrain-based. Many unique historical buildings (the baths of Aquae Sulis, the tidal bay of Mont Saint Michel, etc.). All buildings have a larger array of effects compared to vanilla. Barracks, stables and military buildings, for example, will reduce your tax income, increase risk of disease, and so on. There are custom building "sets" for specific purposes: justice buildings to reduce revolt risk, health buildings to prevent diseases, smiths and forges to improve your units effectiveness, etc.
- Culture-based de jure titles and kingdoms. In 479 AD most of Britain is divided among british, romano-british and cumbrian kingdoms. However, with the Anglo-Saxon invasions new de jure (non titular) kingdoms and jarldoms will slowly emerge: Mercia, Northumbria, Lindsey, Bernicia, Deira, and so on. Each title has different requirements and some of them may never appear, but in the long run at least some of these new anglo-saxon realms will pop up and grow, aggregate, etc.
- New military unit types (there were no knights or pikemen in 5th century) and combat tactics.
- Custom graphics, artwork, icons, portraits, etc.

NBRT+ (A complete Map Upgrade Package) 0.7
NBRT+V0.7 :

Installation for NBRT+V0.7 :
- download the .7z archive.
- delete any previous version of NBRT+ if installed.
- unpack the files (with intact folder structure) into C:users\username\documents\Paradox Interactive\crusader kings 2\mod
- make sure there is now a folder named NBRT+ and the NBRT+.mod file in crusader kings 2\mod
- tick NBRT+V.XX ON the CKII launcher

NBRT+ Main Features are :

New and better Borders for CrusaderKings2 : 
- Smaller and less blocky 
- New Colors for Dutchys and Direct Vassals 
- New smaller Sea Borders 
- New and less blocky Realm Borders

New and better Rivers for CrusaderKings2 : 
- Smaller with new Textures for a realistic Look
- Adjusted Bumpmaps

New and better Textures and Trees for CrusaderKings2 : 
- New Textures for Farmland
- Improved Mountain Textures
- Color adjustment of all Textures
- New Tree Map (based on SWMH 2.73)
- 3 different Trees in Size and Color
A lot more to come

Saeculum Obscurum: A Late Antiquity Mod 0.22a

What is SOLAM?

Saeculum Obscurum is a mod designed to depict the historical era between Late Antiquity and the Early Medieval period, within the confines of the Crusader Kings II engine. It focuses upon the late decline and fall stage of the Western Roman Empire, and the successor states to that Empire, although the other important Empires and peoples are also included. The main ambition of this mod is to make the era as historically accurate as possible, without sacrificing playability and fun.


I -A new start date, at the death of Theodosius I [395 AD] [WIP] and after the fall of the Roman Empire [476 AD] [Released]
II - A vast array of new Empires, Kingdoms and Tribes, from Sassanid Persia to the Pictish Kingdoms.
III - Graphical overhaul, including new UIs and changed Portraits.
IV - Hundreds, if not thousands of new (historically accurate) characters.
V - Adjusted laws ( I'll get into detail on this later, it's going to be a large part of how the various societies function).
VI - Many more plots & ambitions.
VII - Complete overhaul of cultures.
VIII - New & changed titles.
IX - An attempt to portray historical education systems. 
X - New Casus Bellis (if you can pluralise that).
XI - Hundreds of events for the playable nations.
XII - Rejigged economic systems.
XIII - Complete change of religions, with Celtic, Graeco-Roman, Germanic, ect. Paganism.
XIV - The SWMH map, with special thanks to Il Moro, Axl Madness, Elvain, Bertuccio and Aasmul.

Targaryen Invasion...of Europe

A mysterious island has surfaced in the Atlantic. It is home to a strange race of silver haired people who worship and ride dragons, and they claim all of Europe by right of conquest! Can you stop these invaders who call themselves the Targaryens? Or maybe you can unite the known world under the banner of the dragon?

This is a stand alone mod compatible with 1.111 which doesn't need the base AGOT mod to play.

Mod features:
-Dragonstone added into the Atlantic, populated by the Targaryen family
-Valyrian religion and culture, which allows you upto 3 wives (SoI needed)
-The full dragon mechanics from the AGOT mod, including dragon duels and a dragon conquest CB
-The Valyrian swords Blackfyre and Darksister
- Late game Dothraki hordes replace the Mongols

Armories ARKO Pack 25th august 2013

What is it ?
Mostly about Coats Of Arms.
With correct heraldic colors.
Correctly fitted in shields both on map and interface.

Content :
-a new set of dynastic Coa completing the dynastic DLC (but also replacing some)(60+)
-new or reworked Coa for Titles - more historical or just better versions (150+)
-a brand new set of patterns for random Coa (130+) + for muslims too (40+) + for pagans (60)

Flavourful Titular Titles for Base and CK2+ 1.34

Current version has been tested to work 100% on 1.111
Last Updated August/30/2013

The goal of this mod is not to only simulate kingdoms that existed in the time frame of CK2. I would like to also include kingdoms that have merely existed in any time frame (for example I included the Kingdom of Iceland, a kingdom that existed between the first and second world war). For the time being I will not be supporting fantasy kingdoms (i.e. kingdoms that have never existed, like Avalon).

Ancient Religions 0.31

This mod aims at recreating dead or pseudo-dead religions in vanilla Crusader Kings 2, the current release features the ancient cults of the brythons, gaels and greco-romans. Other plans include Basque, Guanche and Mesopotamian paganism and further plans include Egyptian paganism and the Cult of Cthulhu.

Current Religions: (Click on the links for the relevant post with screenshots and information)
Brythonic Druidism
Gaelic Druidism
Hellenic Polytheism

Crusader Kings 2 version 1.111 and The Old Gods dlc

-To come-

Important: Delete your Ancient Religions folder if you have one
Extract the Ancient Religions folder and .mod file to your mod-folder (Crusader Kings II\mod)
Enable it when launching the game
Have fun 

Known compatible mods:
Project Balance
Vanilla Immersion, Events and Traits
Arko Armories
Some What More Historic Mod
High Kings and Consuls

Memento Mori
Memento Mori is a mod born out of a simple ambition. To bring back a little bit of the uncertainty and excitement that came with managing a dynasty in the original Crusader Kings with the excellent DVIP mod. While Crusader Kings II is in almost every aspect an improvement on the original game, Paradox has drastically lowered the difficulties and dangers that your characters run into during their life in the middle ages. Diseases back then were deadly, medical care was more apt to kill you than heal you, giving birth was like playing Russian roulette and violence maimed and killed as often as it gave prestige. This mod attempts to emulate the hardships that people endured in those times. Mind you, this is not made to make life for your nobles impossible or the game a whole lot more difficult. This is designed to make you stop taking easy births, easy sickbeds and long lifespans for granted and to make you be a lot more invested in the succession of your lineage. In short, to make the Medieval Dynasty Simulator part of this amazing game a little more exciting. Hope you enjoy it!

Diseases are more virulent and deadly.
Wounds are more serious.
Battles have become slightly more dangerous for the participants.
More prestige gained for participants in battle.
Traveling over the sea has become a bit more like the dangerous thing it used to be.
Assassination attempts have more serious consequences.
Sieges may lead to buildings being destroyed.
Children can now be stillborn.

Additional Objectives 2.0 - Brand New Ambitions and Plots
For vanilla :

The following Plots are added:
Fabricate Evidence of Treason*

The following Ambitions are added for Rulers only:
Reign for 20 Years
Reign for 10 Years of Peace
Form a Great Council
Increase Demesne*
Become Duke/Multi-Duke*
Civilize Province (convert it to your culture)*
Gain a Nickname
Change your Nickname*

The following Ambitions are added for everyone:
Make a Friend
See Spouse Become Councillor
Ward Liege's Child (with followup Mentor Liege's Child)
Become Regent
Pursue a Church Career (AI-only, Catholics only)
Lead Troops in Battle
Lead Troops Against Infidels
Uncover a Plot
Legitimize Bastard
Raise a Worthy Son (disabled for AI currently)*

* = new addition to AO2

In addition, the following vanilla ambitions have been dramatically overhauled:
The Prestige/Wealth/Piety accumulation ambitions have been split into three ambitions and turned into a chained set of ambitions.
The Reduce Dynasty Decadence ambition is available at multiple decadence levels

Kingdoms (and Empires) Abound Titular Title Generator 2.0.15

- Creates higher titular titles for every landed duchy and kingdom. The lower tier title is required to create the title (e.g. to create the Kingdom of Leinster, you would need the Duchy of Leinster as your primary title.)
- Able to output to My Documents mod folder.
- Lets you choose the name of the resulting mod.
- Ability to use an existing mod as a base to create new titles, and creates an addon for it.
- Can choose to only generate duchies, kingdoms, or empires.
- Can output short names. For example: Leinsterian Kingdom instead of Kingdom of Leinster. English only.
- Selectable culture restrictions:
- None: No cultural restrictions. A character of any culture can create the title.
- Culture: To create the Kingdom of Leinster, your character would need to be Irish.
- Culture Group: To create the Kingdom of Leinster, your character would have to be Irish, Scottish, Welsh, or Breton to create it.
- Selectable religion restrictions:
- None: No religious restrictions. A character of any religion can create the title.
- Religion: To create the Kingdom of Leinster, your character would have to be Catholic, or a heresy of Catholic to create it.
- Religion Group: To create the Kingdom of Leinster, your character would have to be Christian to create it.
- Selectable lower-tier-title requirements:
- Duchies: To create a kingdom, you would need this number of duchy titles (minimum of 2).
- Kingdoms: To create an empire, you would need this number of kingdom titles (minimum of 2).
- Can make new titles de jure liege of currently held titles.
- Replace De Jure Unchecked: You create the Kingdom of Leinster with the Duchies of Munster and Leinster, both remain de jure Kingdom of Ireland.
- Replace De Jure Checked: You create the Kingdom of Leinster with the Duchies of Munster and Leinster, both are new de jure Kingdom of Leinster.
- Can clear title history.
- Counties: All county, duchy, kingdom, and empire histories are wiped.
- Duchies: All duchy, kingdom, and empire histories are wiped.
- Kingdoms: All kingdom and empire histories are wiped.
- Empire: All empire history is wiped.
- Added History Creation type selector.
- Count: Will create a random character for every landed county.
- Duke: Will create a random character for every landed duchy, and give 3-4 counties in that duchy to the character.
- Kingdom: Will create a random character for every landed kingdom, and create random dukes for all but the first 2 duchies.
- Empire: Will create a random character for every landed empire, and create random kings for all but the first 2 kingdoms.
- Full Random: Will create a number of randomly place characters, and grow their territory until the land is filled.
- Custom scripting for Allows and Gain Effects sections of generated titles. See Scripting Variables and Conditions.txt for a list of variables.

Erebos 0.1.2a
Erebos 0.1.2a:
CPR for Erebos:

*Delete "magic_events.txt" in Erebos\events, otherwise, you will get blank events!*

What is this?
Erebos is a total conversion mod I have been working on for some time. It's set in a dark fantasy version of our world, a place where magic is very much a thing that is real. Blood and magic are tightly intertwined, where one is, to its core, dependent fully on the other. Empires rose and fell, their feet planted firmly in magic, their graves made of it as well.

When will the mod be playable?
Well, I hope that by Christmas I'll be able to bring a somewhat acceptable experience playing the mod. It's already released, though, so check the index for links. As for enjoyability of the mod, that might take quite a while!

Zulu Invasion
for vanilla:
Should work with anything that uses the vanilla map, so long as it doesn't modify the Tribal Invasion CB

for Project Balance:
Works with anything that uses the PB map

for SWMH:
Works with mods that use the SWMH map, notably TPATT
If you use Project Balance + SWMH, download this version rather than the Project Balance version

Zulu culture, dynasties, cultural buildings, religion, retinues and flavour
Invasion event chain starting in 1150
Zulu warriors arriving in either Mali or Ethiopia
Ahistorical gameplay!
Project Balance and SWMH compatible versions

Highly recommended: the African sprite and portrait DLC's. Otherwise Zulus look like Arabs, which is just silly.
Credits: Zulu names and dynasties by cybrxkhan, title art by Deryk
Note: Remember to put this in the CK2 directory of My Documents, as you may experience strange bugs if you keep it in the main game directory. Same goes for any mod.

Cultures and Portraits Revamp 2.0.3

A Portrait Mod - Performing CPR on vanilla Portraits to improve your CKII experience! Compatible with PB, CKII+, and SWMH/PB+SWMH.

See the Second Post for FAQ, Changelog, and Credits

CPR is already integrated into the Immersion module of VIET! If you're playing with that, you don't need CPR.

CPR (Cultures and Portraits Revamp) is a portrait mod that improves the character graphics of several cultures as well as adds many new portrait sets using mostly vanilla material. It fills in the gap between smaller portrait mods such as the Portrait Realignment Pack that fix things but don't add a lot of new material, and big portrait mods such as Crakd's stuff and BLC that has entirely new art assets to create new portrait styles. CPR isn’t meant to be 100% accurate - only more accurate than vanilla, and it also isn’t meant to be a large mod - it only adds a little bit to improve CKII’s flavor. It is also entirely integrated into my main mod, Vanilla Immersion, Events, and Traits, so if you’re interested in more flavor and fun, check it out!

CPR also includes several customization options for you to further customize your CPR experience. Don’t like the mediterranean portraits, but like the rest of the mod, for instance? Just use one of the customization options to make all European mediterranean cultures use the Western portraits instead. Compatches are also provided for Project Balance, SWMH/PB+SWMH, and CKII+.

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List in order of patch compatibility of all released mods by category:

Modname - version - Author

Major Overhaul
Project Balance - 2.0.1 - Meneth
Vanilla Immersion, Events, and Traits - 2.0.1 - cybrxkhan
Diadochi Kings - 2.0.1 - rickinator9, Teutonic_Thrash, .Hobbes, Kingthero
CK2Plus - 2.0.1 - Originally by Wiz. Now maintained by continuation team
Saeculum Obscurum - 1.111 - Bad_Haggis
Britannia 479 AD - The Winter King - 1.111 - Luca0312
A Game of Thrones - 1.111 - Cabezaestufa & team
Lux Invicta - 1.111 - Shaytana
Erebos - 1.111 - Darkgamma & SBolshevik
Elder Kings - 1.111 - Korbah

Region Specific
Judaism - The Diaspora, the Exilarchs and the Khazars - 2.0.1 - Frostschaden
Jews Every Where - 2.0.1 - cybrxkhan
The Serene Republic - 2.0.1 - SBolshevik
The Ban's Charter - Kingdom of Bosnia - 2.0.1 - SBolshevik
Ancient Religions - 2.0 - superskierpat
Cantrefi: Wales Divided - 2.0 - Ijtzoi
Saxonborn - 1.111 - KingKovu

De Jure Tweaks - 2.0.1 - iron0037
ClearCombat - 1.11 - Arumba
Memento Mori - 1.11 - Trashed

Alternative Scenario/Fantasy
Dynamic Duchies - 2.0.1 - Nivve
Zulu Invasion - 1.111 - neondt
Fantasy Amazon Time-Travellers - 1.111 - neondt
Broken Kingdoms - 1.111 - Measter
Targaryen Invasion...of Europe - 1.111 - knuckey
Gaulish Invasion: Ancient Warriors - 1.11 - JJDXB

Cultures and Portraits Revamp - 2.0.1 - cybrxkhan
Portrait Realignment Pack - 2.0.1 - iron0037
Culturally different province icons - 2.0.1 - Vipe1
Crackdtoothgrin's Graphical Goodies - 2.0.1 - Crackdtoothgrin
Mini-Map colour change - Timeless - kmkenpo
Korbah's Minimaps - Timeless - Korbah
Retouched Mongolian Eyes (Females) - Timeless - ahhheygao
Performance mods - Timeless - themendios
Decorus Visum - Timeless - ancestral
Painterly CK2 - 1.111 - Fishman786
High-res Mountains - 1.111 - Fishman786
Armories ARKO Pack - 1.111 - Arko
Modified Mediterranean GFX - 1.111 - Velorian
Keyboard Shortcuts and Interface Adjust - 1.111 - Arumba
CKII UI Font Mod - 1.111 - Morinn
Campaign Map - Culturally different cities - 1.111 - Velho e Bom Joe
Scarred - 1.111 - euroland

SWMH 2.0 Map, de jure and general history mod. For a superior CK2 experience - 2.0.1 - Aasmul
Umbra Spherae - 1.111 - Camara, chatnoir17, ericyuen, Nukumnehtar & team
Europa Divisia - 1.111 - pixies57, Elryck

In Novo Iure: Dynamic de jure structure and improved cultural toponymy - 2.0.1 - Ciccillo Rre
No Hassles Vassals - 2.0.1 - twiggyt13
Titles - a minor titles modification - 2.0.1 - SiberianExpress
Kingdoms (and Empires) Abound Titular Title Generator - 2.0 - measter
No Requirements (A Title Mod) - 1.111 - KingKovu
Pledge mod - 1.111 - hooni
Death Row - Dealing with Prisoners, Executions, and More! - 1.111 - JoeTheExplorer

Old Age - Timeless - cybrxkhan
jure uxoris, AI divorce and AI betrothals - 2.0 - Damocles
Interfaith Marriage - 1.111 - Chevaresqye

High Kings, Consuls and other crazy things - Timeless - superskierpat
Immersive Music Mod - Timeless - KingPenguin
"Melancholicum" - a contemplative little "lute" piece - Timeless - The_Chancellor
Paradox soundtrack songlists - Timeless - The_Chancellor
Valar Morghulis - Timeless - tompalmer
Vyllis sounds - Timeless - Vyllis
Female German Nicknames - 2.0 & CK2+ - mate0815
German/Deutsch translation - 1.111 - Ashtray

The CK2 To EU3 Converter Project - 1.111 - Idhrendur
CK2 to EU3 - C# / Lua - 1.103 - raziot
CK2-Cultures-Parser - Leviathan07
Coat of Arms Builder - Measter
CK2Chooser - Random Date/Character Utility - MTXperience
CK2 language file for notepadd ++ -Antoine
Gloria Mundi - CKII's missing dynastic scoresheet - Kinniken
Portrait Builder - Measter
Scenario Editor - JonStryker
Text Fixer- alphabetize your localisation file
The Validator - Find errors quickly and with minimal pain! - Jamie550
Matchmaker - a tool to help you find that perfect noble - 1.06 - badger_ken

Modding Guides
A complete guide to Custom Portraits - Vent-Gala
Adding Own Music Mini-Tutorial (no modding skills required) - Christars
A Guide to Coat of Arms - Measter
Creating a Kingdom Title - Korbah
Custom Map Fonts - ancestral
Events Guide - Fawr
How to fill a custom map - JonStryker

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edit: be aware that Prince & Thane is already at 9.10


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The prince and Thane v2.0.5 for CKII 1.092

The prince and Thane v1.9.11 for CKII 1.091
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thanks for elder kings and SWMH for 1.10
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Quote: Originally Posted by HogDOt View Post
Mod links added
Many thanks for the links, you make me happy with the useful mods for Crusader
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