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Default Culinary Institute of America - Culinary Knife Knowledge: Volume 1 - Knife Care [2000

From the basics of knife "know-how" to the intricate skill of meat fabrication, the Culinary Knife Knowledge DVD Series (Knife Care and Knife Skills) doesn't miss a beat and educating your staff in these areas ensures a strong return on your investment. With the indispensable knowledge of knife safety, care, and specialized skills, your kitchen staff is sure to increase productivity, confidence, and your bottom line.

This two-part series (Knife Care and Knife Skills) covers the gamut of knife skills, including choosing knives and using them with precision to minimize waste and maximize efficiency learn specialized skills that are sure to increase productivity, confidence, and your bottom line.

The ability to select, handle, and care for a knife is one of the hallmarks of a professional and the knives you use will become as important to you as your fingers. Learn the essential knowledge for proper knife handling and care, including:

* Specialty Knives edge types, cutting surfaces, overview of related tools
* Safe Knife Handling and Storage
* Sharpening/Honing learn the secrets from CIA chefs
* Sanitation: A Clean Edge cleaning and sanitizing

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