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The Bloody Habanero

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Thanks Kyosuke. Yeah I am one of those that watches subs and dubs.. depends on the series but I am all for DW by Funi. It basically gives it another chance knowing that there is enough material if it's well received to do a 2nd season.

I'm kinda curious as to why it didn't sell well overseas. I've seen a lot worse. Oh well I'm enjoying Stein right now so whatever.
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Everyone in deadman is sooo messed up.
Thanks for the upload
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Thanks for the anime
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So I've uploaded the OVA now; subs are from GotWoot and its only available in 480p for now. No idea when a 720p version will be out. And yes this is in 10bit.
Also I hope you weren't hoping a continuation of the manga or at least closure of the last episode. That would just be ridiculous after all.
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ok i couldnt get the ova to play on vlc,just has green screen and audio ?

update used smplayer and it worked

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thank you very much
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Thanks, after all this time I was hoping for something...else. If they do one of these for some other characters that wouldn't be too bad.
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thank you !
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Quote: Originally Posted by lvicious View Post
(ichigo will be in high school forever)
Haha So True!! At least Naruto is aging decently enough.
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Thanks for the MU links. I enjoyed this anime very much.
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kyosuke, any chance of a reup of this? want to check it out.
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