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ManY ThanX
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Dude, you actually shot this yourself and you went the extra step to share it with the world...a toast to you, sir!!!!
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Thanks vertigo85210!!! This is something that will add to a romantic setting!!!
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any NL or RG
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Could you or someone else upload it to netload please?
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Merry Christmas! Thx 4 RS : )
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Boy i am sooo tired of getting "File owner's traffic exhausted" EVERY TIME with RS lately
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Man, why couldn't you have made a more normal video, like avi?? avi2dvd just keeps crashing, trying to handle this mkv thing. I do appreciate your time and the upload, I just wish you hadn't used the dadgum mkv format, which is not a standard format, no matter how much the few people who use it swear by it.

I guess none of it matters since the 'traffic limit' has been reached, but I finally found software to convert it to avi, then avi2dvd worked perfectly. I'm all ready for Christmas morning, since this has to serve as our fireplace. *sigh* I am grateful to have this, at least.

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Okay, since the OP posted his own homemade video in the first place, I think he won't mind if I upload it again. I'm uploading the version I converted it to, an avi, and I'm uploading it someplace besides RS with their new limits. I just picked a free place, so it will be a pain with a slow download, especially in three parts. But something is better than nothing? If the OP wants me to take this down, I will.
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