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Default Eben Pagan & Wyatt Woodsmall - Patterns of Personality

Eben Pagan & Wyatt Woodsmall - Patterns of Personality [7.06 GB]

In this program you will learn:

- How to "type" yourself - understand your own personality, preferences...

- How to spot your own blind spots, so that they don't hurt you or take you down...

- How to "type" others - the clues to understand what the personality type of the other person is...

- How to spot personality problems in advance... and avoid the conflicts of different types

- How to know what someone else will do when "the pressure is on", when they are under stress...

- and much much more...

CONTENTS of this pack:

- 43 MP4 videos
- 43 MP3 audio files
- 37 PDFs with exercises and key points


Archive Password: 1984
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