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Many Thanks For This Great Collection !!!
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please, if you have them, give us the artwork for this superb collection :)
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Thanks a lot. I'm extremely happy and grateful to you for this wonderful share.
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Elite biwa-hōshi

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Quote: Originally Posted by l3homm3 View Post
please, if you have them, give us the artwork for this superb collection :)

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This is a great post!

But did anyone else detect a slight glitch in "The Sign of Leo", approximately 1:24:35 into the film?
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This is a really great collection. Thank you very much. :)
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Thank you for putting together these great collections!
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Thanks for the password and uploads...
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RS is deadly amazing!
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A wonderful collection of films, in very good publications!

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Thanks a lot for this great collection, HoichiEarless!
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Looking forward to the blu-ray version soon

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Quote: Originally Posted by hotshotdebut View Post
Looking forward to the blu-ray version soon

Wow, good find! Rohmer Blu-ray collection! 52-disc set with English subtitles!!!
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thanks a lot
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