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Default Graduate Texts in Mathematics

Graduate Texts in Mathematics, Undergraduate Texts in Mathematic [2.18 GiB]

An almost complete collection of the Springer "Graduate Texts in Mathematics" and "Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics" series. I also included what I could find from their "Texts in Applied Mathematics" series, but they're sparse.

UTM doesn't have official volumes, so I made my own, somewhat arbitrary, numbering system for it. Their organized sort of by topic.

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http://www.***********/dateitccq5A3wgT/Graduate Texts in Mathematics, Undergraduate Texts in Mathematic_milica2992.zip.htm
http://www.***********/datei1uEDQvVyW3/Graduate Texts in Mathematics, Undergraduate Texts in Mathematic_milica2992.z01.htm
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thank you
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