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Default Hock Hochheim- STRIKE! THWART! THWARTED! The 35 Essentials in Close-Quarter Stick Fig

Hock Hochheim- STRIKE! THWART! THWARTED! The 35 Essentials in Close-Quarter Stick Fighting

Through the last 4 decades Ive worked through many Filipino stick fighting systems and I began to recognize the common threads and methods in all of them. I began to collect and organize these threads and I have settled upon 35 essential things that every Filipino stick practitioner must know, when battling stick versus stick, past the dueling range and into close range.

This material is about closer quarters than dueling and a lot about the "diminished fighter." You know, stick fighters may be diminished to some degree in a world without helmets and protective gear. A real world where entry into closer ranges becomes more possible. It is also the real core of "stick tapi-tapi," organized to learn in an logical progression, and I end it just before the usual materials become impossible and plain silly to actually work.

Expressing these 35, (most of them through the Combat Clock of high, right, low and left, attacks, rather than all these numerous disconnected and disjointed numbering systems) opens these 35 methods into a simple, yet giant array of total skills and knowledge. Universal and unique. Plus it offers a vital outline as an instructional tool to teach the subject. Spend 15 minutes on one of these every FMA class. - W. Hock Hochheim
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