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Emoticon Smile Linda Lael Miller Collection of Books (Epub)

Linda Lael Miller - McKettrick Cowboys 1-14

HIGH COUNTRY BRIDE (November 2002)
Triple M Ranch, Arizona Territory - Winter 1884
One ranch. Three sons. Only one will inherit . . . and on one condition.

Tired of waiting for his sons to settle down, Arizona-territory rancher Angus McKettrick announces a competition: the first son to marry and produce a grandchild will inherit the Triple M Ranch. Now, three distinctly different, equally determined cowboys are searching high and low for brides.

If Emmeline Harding knows one thing, it's that she can't hold her liquor. And though she's not sure how she came to wake up next to a stack of gold coins in a brothel, she fears the worst. Fleeing town as a mail-order bride, she wonders how she will ever confess her past to her handsome husband.

Freedom-loving Rafe McKettrick is a man of strong beliefs and stronger passions and he'll do anything to win the Triple M-even marry a stranger. To his surprise, Emmeline's charms beguile him even as the secrets he senses she's hiding ignite jealousy and suspicion. But when a visitor from the past enters the high country, the newlyweds have no choice but to give up on a marriage in name only and seek a union that satisfies them body and soul.

SHOTGUN BRIDE (November 2003)
Triple M Ranch, Arizona Territory - Spring 1885
One special lady will help this cowboy lawman win his father's ranch-and steal his in the bargain . . .

Kade McKettrick's got five mail-order brides-to-be camped out at the local hotel, all more than eager to provide him with the heir that will win him the Triple M Ranch. But Kade, the newly appointed marshal, has his hands full with a troublesome outlaw gang. Why, then, is he so easily distracted by pretty "Sister Mandy"-who most assuredly is not the nun she claims to be?

On the from her outlaw stepfather, Mandy Sperrin hides beneath her solemn disguise and vows to keep her wild, passionate nature from the respectable citizens of Indian Rock. Yet when the handsome marshal makes it clear that he wants her, Mandy gives in to her heated desires . . .

Despite the secrets that may lure them both perilously close to danger, Kade knows that proposing marriage may be the only way to keep this spirited woman by his side. But are her ties to a shadowed past more threatening-and closer-than Kade knows? His strong, sensual embrace may charm Mandy's wild , but will she surrender to a lifetime of his deep and powerful ?

SECONDHAND BRIDE (December 2004)
Triple M Ranch, Arizona Territory - Fall 1885
To win his father's ranch, a hard-living cowboy settles down and takes a wife-another man's wife!

The youngest McKettrick brother, Jeb, is the wild one who never could stay out of trouble. And trouble is what he gets when he proposes to Chloe Wakefield. No sooner do he and the pretty schoolteacher tie the knot than Jeb discovers she's already married! After a major dustup with Chloe in a Tombstone barroom, an irate Jeb hightails it back to the Triple M Ranch, certain that his chances of winning the spread in a marriage race with his brothers are dashed.

Now Chloe has come to Indian Rock, hoping to find her beloved uncle John and a much-needed teaching post. But when she crosses paths with Jeb, her rage-and passion-flare even stronger than back in Tombstone. Chloe never intended to mislead Jeb about her previous marriage to a scoundrel of a man. But when she finds out Jeb needs a bride and a baby in order to inherit the Triple M, she is livid.

Learning to trust will be the hardest part of this mixed-up marriage-until a stagecoach robbery and the return of a dangerous stranger prove to Jeb and Chloe that they need each other to and honor as long as they both shall live.

Triple M Ranch, Arizona Territory - Summer 1888
When news came that there was trouble back in Texas . . . Holt McKettrick left a mail-order bride and his family on the spot!

And he never looked back. He just prayed he'd be in time to save the man who had raised him as a son and keep his best friend from the gallows. He knew he'd encounter rustlers, scoundrels and thieves. But he'd never expected to find a woman like Lorelei Fellows.

Setting fire to her wedding dress in the town square probably wasn't the best way to stand her ground.

But Lorelei had had enough. She was sick of men and their schemes. All she wanted was to stake her claim on her own little piece of Texas. And with Holt McKettrick as a neighbor, things were beginning to look up. The man was a straight shooter with a strong will, a steady aim and a hungry .

Triple M Ranch, Arizona Territory - Present Day
When she moved to her family's ancestral ranch, single mom Sierra McKettrick was disconcerted by the Triple M's handsome caretaker, Travis Reid. But when her son claimed to see a mysterious boy in the house, and an heirloom teapot started popping up in unexpected places, Sierra wondered if the attraction between herself and Travis might be the least of her worries.

In 1919, widowed Hannah McKettrick lived at the ranch with her son and her brother-in-law, Doss. Her feelings for Doss and her son's health problems occupied all her thoughts-until the family teapot started disappearing.

Could Sierra and her ancestor, Hannah, be living parallel lives?
MCKETTRICK'S LUCK (February 2007)
Triple M Ranch, Arizona Territory - Present Day
A generation of McKettrick men stake their claim to their land-and the women they .

Like his celebrated ancestors who tamed the wilds of Arizona, Jesse McKettrick's Indian Rock ties deep. The triple M Ranch is in his blood, along with the thrill of risk. But with his land at stake, Jesse won't get involved in Cheyenne Bridge's scheme-despite the temptation she brings.

Cheyenne grew up in Indian Rock and left its painful memories behind to become a self-made woman. Now her job is to convince Jesse to sell his property. Jesse's not the kind of man Cheyenne could ever forget, but he's too wild and dangerous for a woman committed to playing it safe. Yet sparks of attraction fly, tempting Cheyenne to lay it all on the line for the passion she sees in Jesse's eyes.

Triple M Ranch, Arizona Territory - Present Day
A generation of McKettrick men stake their claim to their land-and the women they .

The only wide-open space Rance McKettrick wants to see in his future is his hometown in his rearview mirror. The down-to-earth ex-rancher is determined to make a fresh start with his two young daughters-and leave his heartbreaking loss and family's successful corporation far behind.

He sure doesn't need Indian Rock's free-spirited bookstore owner Echo Wells confusing his choices . . . and raising memories he'd rather forget. But her straightforward honesty and reluctance to trust is challenging everything Rance thought he knew about himself. And when their irresistible attraction puts their on the line, Rance and Echo must come to grips with who they really are to find a once-in-a-lifetime happiness.
Triple M Ranch, Arizona Territory - Present Day
A generation of McKettrick men stake their claim to their land-and the women they .

Keegan McKettrick has learned the hard way that women can't be trusted. The only female in his life these days is the young daughter he sees all too rarely, and his sole passion is for his job overseeing his family's corporation. Until beautiful but mysterious Molly Shields comes to Indian Rock on a mission, and keeping a suspicious eye on her becomes Keegan's full-time hobby.

Molly doesn't know why she's attracted to a man who's determined to dig up dirt on her, even if he is gorgeous. But cynical Keegan might be the one person who can truly understand her shadowy past-and if the two can risk opening their , they just might forge a brighter future.

MCKETTRICK'S WAY (December 2007)
Triple M Ranch, Arizona Territory - Present Day
She wanted his baby...and he wanter her!

Meg McKettrick longs for a babyhusband optional. Perfect father material is gorgeous Brad OBallivan, old flame and owner of his familys ranch in Stone Creek. But Megas strong, proud and stubborn as her ancestors on Indian Rocks Triple M ranchwants to do things her way . . . the McKettrick way. And Brad feels just as strongly about the OBallivan way...

Love, marriage, babies and a lifetime to sharethats what Brad wants.Not a single night of passion, an unexpected pregnancy and a woman who wont budge. For a rugged rodeo cowboy who never gives up, its a battle of wills he intends to win... and nothing matters more than claiming Megs wild McKettrick .

Celebrate the holidays McKettrick-style in this enchanting tale ofNew York Times bestselling author Linda Lael Millers most beloved family.
Lizzie McKettrick is coming home for Christmas. And Indian Rocks school teacher has a surprise in store for her familya special young man, Whitley Carson. He might seem a little too interested in the McKettrick money, but Lizzies certain Whitley cares for her deep down.
Yet fate has a surprise of its own for Lizzie: Dr. Morgan Shane. When their homebound train is halted by a massive avalanche, injuring and stranding its passengers, the handsome doctor takes chargewith Lizzie by his side.
Despite their growing bond, Lizzie and Morgan know time is running out. With another avalanche looming and the trains food supply dwindling, its going to be a bleak Christmas Eve. But with faith, hard work and a little extra help from a most unexpected source, they just might find their way home to celebrate a McKettrick family Christmas after all.
For divorced dad Tate McKettrick, there are barely enough hours each day to the Silver Spur ranch, do the suit-and-tie thing for his business and herd on his beloved six-year-old daughters. But time stands still at the sight of Libby Remington. When they were high school sweethearts, the wealthy McKettrick made a mistake that cost him the of his life. But now theyre both back in Blue River, Texas. And cattle rustlers, a manipulative ex-wife and a killer stallion cant keep Tate from trying to win Libby again.

Libby has her hands full caring for her mother and running the Perk Up Shop. Caffeine she needs. Tate McKettrickwith his blazing blue eyes and black hair. No way! Oh, heckyes! But can Tate and Libby really hope for a second chance?

Fast track up the political ladder, fast cars, fast womenthats Garrett McKettrick. Make that was. A scandal has brought him home to Blue River, a place where a man can slow down, take stock and plan his next move. Which doesnt include staying at the family ranch with his brothers. A city boy for a long time now, Garrett doesnt think he has the land in his blood anymore. But Blue River has other attractions, like his former high school nemesis, Julie Remington.

Now a striking woman and much-respected teacher, Julie comes complete with a precocious four-year-old cowboy, a three-legged beagle and deep ties to the community. Good thing they have nothing in commonexcept their undeniable attraction and a future brighter than the Texas sun.

World champion rodeo star Austin McKettrick finally got bested by an angry bull. His career over, his life a mess, the lone maverick has nowhere to go when the hospital releases him. Except back home to Blue River and the Silver Spur ranch. But his overachieving brothers wont allow this cowboy to brood in peace. Theyve even hired a nurse to speed along his recovery. Paige Remingtons bossy brand of TLC is driving him crazy. As is her beautiful face, sexy figure and silky black hair.

Paige has lost count of the times Austin has tried to fire her, but this determined nurse is not going anywhere until hes healed, body and .

Austins brothers are laying bets that Paiges place in his life just might become permanent.

The sudden death of the town marshal leaves Blue River, Texas, without a lawmanand twenty-five-year-old Dara Rose Nolan without a husband. As winter approaches and her meager seamstress income dwindles, she has three options. Yet she wont give up her two young daughters, refuses to join the fallen women of the Bitter Gulch Saloon and cant fathom condemning herself to another loveless marriage. Unfortunately she must decidesoonbecause theres a marshal in town, and shes living under his roof.

With the of a cowboy, Clay McKettrick plans to start a ranch and finally settle down. He isnt interested in uprooting Dara Rose and her children, but he is interested in giving her protection, friendshipand passion. And when they say I do to a marriage of convenience, the temporary lawmans Christmas wish is to make Dara Rose his permanent wife

Linda Lael Miller - An Outlaw's Christmas

Celebrate the holidays with a brand-new McKettrick tale by beloved #1 York Times bestselling author Linda Lael Miller

With his wild , Sawyer McKettrick isn't ready to settle down on the Triple M family ranch in Arizona. So he heads to Blue River, Texas, to seek a job as marshal. But in a blinding snowstorm he's injured-and collapses into the arms of a prim and proper lady in calico.

The shirtless, bandaged stranger recuperating in teacher Piper St. James's room behind the schoolhouse says he's a McKettrick, but he looks like an outlaw. As they wait out the storm, the handsome loner has Piper remembering long-ago dreams of marriage and motherhood. But for how long is Sawyer willing to call Blue River home?

As the gray skies clear, Piper's one holiday wish just might bring two lonely together forever.

A Wanted Man-Linda Lael Miller

The past tends to catch up with folks in Stone Creek, Arizona. So schoolmarm Lark Morgan and Marshal Rowdy Rhodes are determined to hide their secretsand deny their instant attraction. That should be easy, since each suspects the other of living a lie.
But Rowdy and Lark share one truth: both face real dangers. Like the gang of train robbers heading their way, men Ranger Sam O'Ballivan expects Rowdy to nab. And as past and current troubles collide, Rowdy and Lark must surrender their pride to the greatest power of allundying .

Linda Lael Miller - Linda Lael Miller Bundle (Ragged Rainbows; There and Now; )

Ragged Rainbows

She isn't telling her son the truth about his father. She isn't telling her boss what she thinks of her job. And she refuses go talk to anyone about her famous mother.
But it's her childhood she keeps most deeply buried. That, and the truth about her own passionate nature...

Then a stranger comes to town, and her secrets--one by one--are relentlessly revealed. She knows she should be angry, but she can't help feeling relieved. Until she realizes he's keeping secrets, too.

There and Now (Beyond the Threshold #1)

Seeking refuge, Elisabeth McCartney returns to her centuries-old family home--never dreaming escape would lie over a threshold, taking her 100 years back into the past. When she found herself unexpectedly in the bedroom of Dr. Jonathan Fortner, the handsome Victorian demanded an explanation from this t-shirt-clad stranger who had no "believable" one to offer.

Here and Then (Beyond the Threshold #2)

In the wrong place at the wrong time. When her cousin dissappeared without a trace, Rue Claridge volunteered to find her. But by retracing Elisabeth's steps, Rue never dreamed she'd wind up in 1892. And she certainly wasn't prepared for Marshal Farley Haynes. He arrested her and threw her in jail, But discovering how dangerous the Old West was, Rue needed his help. Especially when, at any moment, fate can intercede and destiny can be changed by a singel bullet. From the author of There and Now.

Linda Lael Miller - Big Sky River

The "First Lady of the West," #1 York Times bestselling author Linda Lael Miller, brings you to Parable, Montana-where awaits. Sheriff Boone Taylor has his job, friends, a -down but decent ranch, two faithful dogs and a horse. He doesn't want romance-the widowed Montanan has loved and lost enough for a lifetime. But when a city woman buys the spread next door, Boone's peace and quiet are in serious jeopardy. With a marriage and a career painfully behind her, Tara Kendall is determined to start over in Parable. Reinventing herself and living a girlhood dream is worth the hard work. Sure, she might need help from her handsome, wary neighbor. But life along Big Sky River is full of surprises...like falling for a cowboy-lawman who just might start to believe in second chances.


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Hi, i was wondering if it is possible to repost the Linda Lael Miller Collection of Books (Epub)...would greatly prreciate it........... the current download link is not working..thanks
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