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This is getting too serious. I hope someday they realize that all world could a strike by not went to movie theatres. And then they we'll see because is not doing that , they will fix anything because they keep doing lots and lots of money.

Sorry for my bad english
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Sucks for hardcore MU users.
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It's closed by the police

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more detailed article:
fbi press release:
curses *sigh*...

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The others hosting sites are in danger, or they'0re safe until they're not registred in the US?
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That's where I kept all of my old games for this forum.

Oh well...
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so are mu users gonna be able to get their files sometime???
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God, I have over 5000 files there :(
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Well, poop. I had just registered last week for a 2 month premium pass and had a ton of links set up to download.

Agree with pooroldsod. Who was the numskull who registered the site in the US?
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Megaupload was the best. All those other sites with their damn recaptachas and abysmal speed suck.
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Oops. Double post. (Database errors) Anyway. Thx for the twitter link to the Anon News

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Wow! nobody on wall street went to jail, I guess you got to steal a Trillion.
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Well there goes my lifetime membership! Time to re-upload my Evangelion OST's
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Welp, looks like Anonymous just retaliated against the Department of Justice and Universal Music.

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