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Tick Nephew Tommy - Prank Phone Calls

Nephew Tommy Prank Phone Calls

This is a large collection of Nephew Tommy's prank calls, from the Steve Harvey morning show.
Some are UNCENSORED and contain xxx language.

$100 Bills.mp3
$60 for the Fight Party.mp3
A Valentines Party.mp3
Bring In the New Year At the Church.mp3
Byron Cage-GASP.mp3
Can I borrow your wife.mp3
Can I Claim Your Kids.mp3
Can I Have Your Kidneys.mp3
Can You Bring Me Some Paper.mp3
Can Your Wife Help Me.mp3
Choir Antics.mp3
Chopper Funeral At The Club.mp3
Cleaning Service .mp3
Cms- Cubicle Monitor.mp3
Coach Recruiter.mp3
Daddy's Little Girl.mp3
Don't tell this woman how to praise the Lord.mp3
Enhancing Your Performance.mp3
Facebook Bandit.mp3
Fire In My Dreams.mp3
Funeral Arrangements.mp3
Garnishing Wages for Child Support.mp3
Guess Who's moving Next Door.mp3
Hair Salon Gossip.mp3
Happy Father's Day.mp3
Hot Checks At The Church.mp3
House Rental Party.mp3
I Know You Scratched My Tint.mp3
I Left My Medicine In Yo House.mp3
I Left My Ring.mp3
I Work From 6 to 10.mp3
I'm Pissed Off.mp3
Illegal Aliens.mp3
Its My Truck Now.mp3
Join the Tea Party.mp3
Junior's Prank.mp3
Laronda is My Woman.mp3
Let Me Holla At Yo Momma .mp3
Little Timmy.mp3
Lost Credit Card.mp3
Lost Diamond Literally.mp3
Make a Wish Minstries.mp3
Me and You Baby Getting Married .mp3
Mean Church Usher.mp3
My Bird Benny.mp3
My Bones Is Weak.mp3
My Comb and Brush In Uncle Casket.mp3
My Momma Phonograph.mp3
My Momma's Dressing.mp3
Naked Yoga.mp3
NBFU (No Blacks For You).mp3
Nurse Vicky.mp3
Psc- Prostate Checker.mp3
Raymond trapped in the closet.mp3
Repo the Pews.mp3
Secret Admirer.mp3
Security Guard-Sleeper.mp3
Shadetree Mechanic.mp3
Southern Folks.mp3
Surrogate Mom.mp3
The Blind Barber.mp3
The Bus Driver.mp3
The Cake Lady.mp3
The Check Is In The Mail .mp3
The Fight Party.mp3
The Husband Protection Program.mp3
The Mobile Baptismal Pool.mp3
The Preacher's Wife.mp3
This for the baby.mp3
This White Kid Needs Adoptin.mp3
Those TVs Need to Be Returned.mp3
Triple K.mp3
Upright Trashcans.mp3
We Need You To Be a Slave.mp3
We've Come To Repossess Them Pews.mp3
Wedding Day.mp3
Weekend Vacation.mp3
Where ismy IRS check.mp3
White Guy Loves His Chocolate.mp3
Who You Voting For Uncut.mp3
Will A Man Rob God.mp3
Yall Cut the Wrong Yard.mp3
Yo Baby Going Back to Pre-K.mp3
Yo Daughter Bit My Son.mp3
Yo Son Broke My Sons Wii Game.mp3
Yo wife is havin my black baby UNCUT.mp3
You Ain't No Sigma.mp3
You Gotta Come Show Yo Butt.mp3
You Gotta Give Up the Baby.mp3
You Gotta Move Yo Boat.mp3
You Gotta Pay Child Support.mp3
You Messed Up My Mama Hair Uncut.mp3
You Peed In My Pool.mp3
You Stole My Crystal Uncut.mp3
You Trying to Start Up Slavery.mp3
Your Baby Is Too Fat.mp3
Your Briefcase.mp3
Your Dog and My Moms Cat.mp3
Your Doors .mp3
Your New Boss .mp3

110 total Files
515 MB

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