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Default Netload 7 days premium for free!

From their official support:

Hi Guys,

I want to inform you that we spend 7 day free premium access to all our Facebook fans today!
Get them now:
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Awesome, I created a new facebook acc just to get this :)
I hope the download speeds aren't that bad as I hear people say on this forum.
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Great news, I signed up as well :D
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this is great! was thinking on getting NL anyways - now I can try premium 4 free! Thanks man, this is very much appreciated!!
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I am getting this error when I registered with voucher code:
"• Hi!
sorry but all 2 day promotion codes are consumed :o(
Our next promotion will be Facebook only and comes on the very rare day of 29th February.

So don't miss this chance which comes only every 4 years and make sure that you already
joined our Facebook Community!

Best regards, Netload Staff"
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not working for me
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this don't work. typical.
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Me neither. Probably just a go at gathering some attention without actually giving out too much.
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Haha what a surprise.
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Bait and switch from Netload... what a loser company.,..
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