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Star PC - TSUKIBAKO / Tsukihime Complete Collection| w/ English Patches

TSUKI-BAKO / Tsukihime Complete Collection

a long time ago Type-Moon released Tsuki-Bako (月箱, lit. Lunar Box), a specially packaged three-disc set that included Tsukihime, Plus-Disc (in an expanded version) and Kagetsu Tohya, a remixed soundtrack and other assorted multimedia


If you only looking for Kagetsu Tohya you can visit the thread here:
If you are looking for this chances are you knew what you are looking for and already experienced with English patching/ installation process. It is not a one step autorun process and can be confusing for first timer.

Inside you will find:
1. Tsukihime Plus Disc (expanded version) : short stories from world inside Tsukihime
2. Kagetsu Tohya Complete/ Full Version

#All two games now use newer and more powerful KiriKiri engine
#Some bonuses inside the CD/Image includes some short manga, lots of text/mini novel, image/pictures and other materials related to Tsukihime

Updated and Link checked - Feb 17

Fresh Note :
You also should find the original Tsukihime + remixed sound track & multimedia as an ISO, but it's not working-you can't mount the image. Just skip it, I keep it because ppl still asked for it for the sake of completion. The other two games are fine.

Hotfile Links:
Now, here's the deal. Just like before my HF links don't need to wait. They are on my special "Hotlink On" service until it expires. So say your thanks and get it now before it expires!


Installation Note:
First many thanks to people on MirrorMoon & Beast's Lair for their English patch and translation work. As usual you should visit MirrorMoon site and get the latest patches from each game there. Follow each game instruction in their ReadMe file to install each game English patches. Just in case if somebody ask, you can find each ReadMe file in the patch.

If you are too lazy to browse around / don't complain if they are not the newest.
English patch for Pluc Disc

English patch for Kagetsu Tohya
Below are for Tsukihime Original
English patch for Tsukihime v 1.1 *Install this v 1.1 first* http://hotfile.com/dl/99444989/3c5cd2e/tsukihime_english_v1.15Bmirror_moon5D.exe.html *This will update your Tsukihime v 1.1 to v 1.2* http://hotfile.com/dl/99444458/c85fb7d/Tsukihime_English_v1.2_update_5Bmirror_moon5D.exe.html

Rename the destination folder to English alphabet and not Japanese.
These are three separate games. Do not put them all into one big folder - you will mess things up!
Also you will need 7zip for the game file and rar/zip for the patches.

Troubleshooting :
If you can't do the installation then read the readme file again for that particular patch. You must be missing something or skipping a step or two in the process. I've done it myself and all three games are working fine. Most of the time I'm not online but feel free to post your problem here, maybe other user or me can find the solution.

Please say thanks if you like my post!

Enjoy the Game!

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A Human to Die for

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thanks ^^
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i already download it but i'm still confusing how to install it,i been tried to mount the disk image using daemon tool but it can't. how i suppose to do to install it thanks
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Does your windows support Japanese Language?

There are 3 image files. The Original Tsukihime is rather tricky to be mounted. Blame the original japanese rip for this Tsukibako release.

However, the other image files for Tsukihime Plus Disc and Kagetsu Tohya are working fine.

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umm.. guys, please leave some msg if you visit this thread and download my file so it doesn't go down into the abyss. Right now I got at least one or two daily downloads but nobody says thanks or post a comment, so sad..
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Quote: Originally Posted by lans View Post
umm.. guys, please leave some msg if you visit this thread and download my file so it doesn't go down into the abyss. Right now I got at least one or two daily downloads but nobody says thanks or post a comment, so sad..
Don't be sad, Sacchin. Err, Ians.
Thanks for the disks.
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Just tested the links, all still up and running.
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well, guess i should give you a thanks. tnx. ive been really looking for these.
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Files are currently still up. Please download before someone else hammered it out again.
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thanks for uploading. waiting for the files now
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Thanks for effort!
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I've finished downloading but couldnt find the original working tsukihime in the file as in iso that you've mentioned. I can mount in ccd, but couldnt start the game properly
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Use the installation file in the English patch. And don't forget to rename the folder into english name not Japanese.
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i downloaded it... but when i try extracting it from the .rar it says its corupted... any tips?
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