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Default RailWorks 3: Train Simulator 2012 Add - Ons

This is a links only thread, please leave a Vistor Message for any broken/dead links or requests, plus see next paragraph.

You may use the REPORT button for broken/dead links as well.

If you would like to thank bauarbeiter then use the THANKS button or post in this thread Railworks-3-train-simulator-2012-add-ons-requests-thanks-broken-links, use this for dead/broken links as well.

Joeking Global Moderator.

Class 111

Class 111.part4.rar http://ul.to/veee6d4m 
Class 111.part3.rar http://ul.to/gut22apb 
Class 111.part2.rar http://ul.to/y8pi319v 
Class 111.part1.rar http://ul.to/uuir469b
DB Class E18 Add-On

DB Class E18 Add-On.part3.rar http://ul.to/ucpbdawf 
DB Class E18 Add-On.part2.rar http://ul.to/ofjhrku2 
DB Class E18 Add-On.part1.rar http://ul.to/a7c8gkze
German Control Cars Add-On

German Control Cars Add-On.part3.rar http://ul.to/0mk6men6 
German Control Cars Add-On.part2.rar http://ul.to/yt9lx71m 
German Control Cars Add-On.part1.rar http://ul.to/blu3p79v
Railworks GR InterCity Express 1

P42DC Genesis Add-On

P42DC Genesis Add-On.part4.rar http://ul.to/kk4n4eh2  
P42DC Genesis Add-On.part3.rar http://ul.to/cr0vrhud  
P42DC Genesis Add-On.part2.rar http://ul.to/1ue4bh94   
P42DC Genesis Add-On.part1.rar http://ul.to/iwsdeyhi
SP&S Northerns RailWorks 3 Add-On

Railworks 3 - Deutscher Güterverkehr

Railworks 3 - Deutsche….part4.rar http://ul.to/t4ytp91e  
Railworks 3 - Deutsche….part3.rar http://ul.to/d51szhp0 
Railworks 3 - Deutsche….part2.rar http://ul.to/k5gk7lfy 
Railworks 3 - Deutsche….part1.rar http://ul.to/2t85rf98

Class08.part2.rar http://ul.to/se4mho62 
Class08.part1.rar http://ul.to/h00g5lqr
RailWorks Class 380 EMU DLC

RailWorks HST Buffer Version

RW Denmark 2000 ICE 3

ICE3-Alpha 0.6.rar http://ul.to/j30p5vdu 
RW Denmark 2000 ICE 3.part5.rar http://ul.to/h1i5ahy8 
RW Denmark 2000 ICE 3.part4.rar http://ul.to/3g8obv1d 
RW Denmark 2000 ICE 3.part3.rar http://ul.to/mcl6oubl  
RW Denmark 2000 ICE 3.part2.rar http://ul.to/was8qshu 
RW Denmark 2000 ICE 3.part1.rar http://ul.to/sarocul6
Railworks Addon - RSC Class 31 Pack

Railworks Addon - RSC ….part2.rar http://ul.to/jqcrg58i 
Railworks Addon - RSC ….part1.rar http://ul.to/5rju5h41
Rhine-Ruhr City Trains Add-On

Class 20 Expansion 1

Class 20 Expansion 1.part2.rar http://ul.to/qngqif8p  
Class 20 Expansion 1.part1.rar http://ul.to/3gdqharm
Portsmouth Direct Line Expansion Pack

Portsmouth Direct Line….part6.rar http://ul.to/q0wbechh 
Portsmouth Direct Line….part5.rar http://ul.to/1ry5rlo3  
Portsmouth Direct Line….part4.rar http://ul.to/wxya3ng2 
Portsmouth Direct Line….part3.rar http://ul.to/bljfszee 
Portsmouth Direct Line….part2.rar http://ul.to/ay7guv61 
Portsmouth Direct Line….part1.rar http://ul.to/gffn8i4o
A1 Tornado Pack

A1 Tornado Pack.part2.rar http://ul.to/84t8qmeq 
A1 Tornado Pack.part1.rar http://ul.to/ea32thjv
BR Class 66

Bristol - Exeter Expansion Pack

Bristol - Exeter Expan….part7.rar http://ul.to/058wmoj5  
Bristol - Exeter Expan….part6.rar http://ul.to/suybisjy 
Bristol - Exeter Expan….part5.rar http://ul.to/yjg2duxg  
Bristol - Exeter Expan….part4.rar http://ul.to/zfwj98jw 
Bristol - Exeter Expan….part3.rar http://ul.to/yc3n96bz  
Bristol - Exeter Expan….part2.rar http://ul.to/3a6rk8ab 
Bristol - Exeter Expan….part1.rar http://ul.to/8in8f9e5
Class 37

Class 170 DMU

Class 170 DMU.part2.rar http://ul.to/zax05foh 
Class 170 DMU.part1.rar http://ul.to/mm4ycg7k
CSX Mainline

CSX Mainline.part4.rar http://ul.to/37ij45s5 
CSX Mainline.part3.rar http://ul.to/sd0c5pnc  
CSX Mainline.part2.rar http://ul.to/hlg5hqv6  
CSX Mainline.part1.rar http://ul.to/s9l1uv78
DB Class 120 Add-On

DB Class 120 Add-On.part2.rar http://ul.to/ymk6vxld 
DB Class 120 Add-On.part1.rar http://ul.to/avjfx3mi
RailWorks Class 101 DMU Pack

RailWorks Class 101 DMU Pack.part3.rar http://ul.to/p1lfmr8o 
RailWorks Class 101 DMU Pack.part2.rar http://ul.to/ay9pdj09 
RailWorks Class 101 DMU Pack.part1.rar http://ul.to/fcbsb6sw
RSDL Wagon Pack 01

West Coast Main Line North Route

West Coast Main Line N….part4.rar http://ul.to/x10zi9fx 
West Coast Main Line N….part3.rar http://ul.to/pls83l5d  
West Coast Main Line N….part2.rar http://ul.to/p18hp3vn 
West Coast Main Line N….part1.rar http://ul.to/o6ihn9oo
4CIG Add-On


GP9 Add-On

GP9 Add-On.part2.rar http://ul.to/rtqkzhin 
GP9 Add-On.part1.rar http://ul.to/71ckt3pb
Hatchet Hill Quarry Expansion Pack

Hatchet Hill Quarry Ex….part2.rar http://ul.to/v399ts4c  
Hatchet Hill Quarry Ex….part1.rar http://ul.to/mbgghnuy
SW1500 Switcher Add-On

SW1500 Switcher Add-On.part3.rar http://ul.to/3tc6lz7p  
SW1500 Switcher Add-On.part2.rar http://ul.to/y03z8x9f 
SW1500 Switcher Add-On.part1.rar http://ul.to/7r18lg4z
Southern Pacific GS-4

Horseshoe Curve Expansion Pack

Horseshoe Curve Expansion Pack.part6.rar http://ul.to/30brdbeu 
Horseshoe Curve Expansion Pack.part5.rar http://ul.to/08gigtd7  
Horseshoe Curve Expansion Pack.part4.rar http://ul.to/mtti4xzt 
Horseshoe Curve Expansion Pack.part3.rar http://ul.to/x99hrp56 
Horseshoe Curve Expansion Pack.part2.rar http://ul.to/usz5nl65 
Horseshoe Curve Expansion Pack.part1.rar http://ul.to/kcn1fyk2
Amtrak Acela Express Add-On

Amtrak Acela Express Add-On.part2.rar http://ul.to/3p4tz35y 
Amtrak Acela Express Add-On.part1.rar http://ul.to/sw7ghdpo
RailWorks German Wagon Pack 01

RailWorks MJA Wagon Pack

Class 153 Totham

Class 153 Totham.part2.rar http://ul.to/l612h5rm 
Class 153 Totham.part1.rar http://ul.to/4kv7iap1
Class 158 Diesel Multiple Unit RailWorks Add-on

Class 390 Electric Multiple Unit RailWorks Add-on

Class 390 Electric Mul….part2.rar http://ul.to/rtwf7jkj 
Class 390 Electric Mul….part1.rar http://ul.to/a25vrlx7
Railworks Green and Gold HST Add-On

virtual RAILROADS BR120 Bundle V2 Update

56XX Tank Locomotive Add-On

Canadian National SD40-2 Wide Nose RailWorks Add-on plus US Wagon Pack

Fort Kent to Eagle Lake RailWorks Add-on

Fort Kent to Eagle Lak….part4.rar http://ul.to/nh3z55b8  
Fort Kent to Eagle Lak….part3.rar http://ul.to/dj7str3u  
Fort Kent to Eagle Lak….part2.rar http://ul.to/a0tn6a40  
Fort Kent to Eagle Lak….part1.rar http://ul.to/mnnwan3d
RAILWORKS Armstrong Powerhouse Updated addons for TS2012 Pack

RAILWORKS Armstrong P….part2.rar http://ul.to/34hxpewl 
RAILWORKS Armstrong P….part1.rar http://ul.to/fv60mzmq
SD40-2 Santa Fe Edition RailWorks Add-on

Union Pacific Big Boy Add-On

RailWorks GR Class 143 Pack

RailWorks SD40-2 Burlington Northern Add-on

Edinburgh-Glasgow Expansion Pack

Edinburgh-Glasgow Expa….part5.rar http://ul.to/81bi7w1z 
Edinburgh-Glasgow Expa….part4.rar http://ul.to/npcoftov  
Edinburgh-Glasgow Expa….part3.rar http://ul.to/5il3cke1  
Edinburgh-Glasgow Expa….part2.rar http://ul.to/esx8fu0q  
Edinburgh-Glasgow Expa….part1.rar http://ul.to/cox2rall
GWR King Add-On

RailWorks Canadian National Add-on

RailWorks Class 02 Shunter Pack

RailWorks Glasgow Airport Rail Link Add-on

RailWorks Glasgow Airp….part4.rar http://ul.to/91ioicxp 
RailWorks Glasgow Airp….part3.rar http://ul.to/d40403l9 
RailWorks Glasgow Airp….part2.rar http://ul.to/3e4r983i 
RailWorks Glasgow Airp….part1.rar http://ul.to/6zir3g05
Officially Licensed ATSF Warbonnet

Officially Licensed AT….part3.rar http://ul.to/6cg4bls8 
Officially Licensed AT….part2.rar http://ul.to/d5oixc2x 
Officially Licensed AT….part1.rar http://ul.to/zmeasxf1
RailWorks BNSF Dash 9 Pack

RailWorks BNSF Dash 9 Pack.part2.rar http://ul.to/f5255nhm 
RailWorks BNSF Dash 9 Pack.part1.rar http://ul.to/9icn0mwa
RailWorks Fowler 4F Pack

RailWorks Light Pacific Add-On

RailWorks Light Pacific Add-On.part2.rar http://ul.to/787sh7f1 
RailWorks Light Pacific Add-On.part1.rar http://ul.to/h6x4j02u
RailWorks Class 57 Add-on

RailWorks Class 57 Add-on.part2.rar http://ul.to/okg3aipx 
RailWorks Class 57 Add-on.part1.rar http://ul.to/1erlio8o
RailWorks BR Standard 4MT Add-on

Stanier Jubilee Steam Locomotive RailWorks Add-on

Class 156 Add-On

Class 156 Add-On.part3.rar http://ul.to/n045q0o8  
Class 156 Add-On.part2.rar http://ul.to/dfmp4pxi 
Class 156 Add-On.part1.rar http://ul.to/wxrtxqfe
RailWorks Mk2e Coach DLC

RailWorks Falmouth Branch

RailWorks Falmouth Branch.part3.rar http://ul.to/uwy2t5an 
RailWorks Falmouth Branch.part2.rar http://ul.to/uvug83tc  
RailWorks Falmouth Branch.part1.rar http://ul.to/3jkx6b1e
Portland Terminal Expansion Pack

Portland Terminal Expa….part4.rar http://ul.to/tqyu8jhl 
Portland Terminal Expa….part3.rar http://ul.to/fbtbrpkl  
Portland Terminal Expa….part2.rar http://ul.to/m901uwqy 
Portland Terminal Expa….part1.rar http://ul.to/i5a3nlte
Isle of Wight RailWorks Expansion Pack

Isle of Wight RailWork….part4.rar http://ul.to/s4k8lit9 
Isle of Wight RailWork….part3.rar http://ul.to/nlz60xt8  
Isle of Wight RailWork….part2.rar http://ul.to/h2ogl15e 
Isle of Wight RailWork….part1.rar http://ul.to/o9atmgz4
VT08 für RailWorks - Zugpackung mit zwei Varianten

RW3 Class 380 Update

Northeast Corridor Updated for Train Simulator 2012

Northeast Corridor Upd….part4.rar http://ul.to/4put1z3v 
Northeast Corridor Upd….part3.rar http://ul.to/e2sanak2 
Northeast Corridor Upd….part2.rar http://ul.to/2gtb3rwr  
Northeast Corridor Upd….part1.rar http://ul.to/alcp5pco
Railworks 3 Trains Vs Zombies DLC

Northern Europe B Updated for Train Simulator 2012

Northern Europe Update….part4.rar http://ul.to/20einur4 
Northern Europe Update….part3.rar http://ul.to/hnh3gwlk 
Northern Europe Update….part2.rar http://ul.to/blataa0c 
Northern Europe Update….part1.rar http://ul.to/1ga84yaj
China Clay

China Clay.part3.rar http://ul.to/hc2vn1lm  
China Clay.part2.rar http://ul.to/mjfm3le3 
China Clay.part1.rar http://ul.to/ppvm4qfy
Railworks 3 Class 150 Add-On

Railworks 3 Class 150 Add-On.part2.rar http://ul.to/qpog0v44 
Railworks 3 Class 150 Add-On.part1.rar http://ul.to/7qr6bsx4
Class 24 for Train Simulator 2012

Class 24 for Train Sim….part2.rar http://ul.to/hjm0nx08  
Class 24 for Train Sim….part1.rar http://ul.to/bpaarwda
D445 Pack

Kings Arm Highway

Moderne Kesselwagen

Scenario Packs for Train Simulator 2012

Updates and Patches for Train Simulator 2012
Cresston V3

Railworks 3 Class 50 Add-On

Railworks 3 Class 50 Add-On.part2.rar http://ul.to/v0ka5omo 
Railworks 3 Class 50 Add-On.part1.rar http://ul.to/2ll8zcdc
Great Western Main Line for TS 2012


JustTrains.part5.rar http://ul.to/5uh9n4bu  
JustTrains.part4.rar http://ul.to/vnhdemn5  
JustTrains.part3.rar http://ul.to/75unu6vf 
JustTrains.part2.rar http://ul.to/b82381s3 
JustTrains.part1.rar http://ul.to/z1tj2vuo
Isle of Wight Network 5.0

Isle of Wight Network 5.0.part4.rar http://ul.to/t53f6ip7  
Isle of Wight Network 5.0.part3.rar http://ul.to/o00knfnf 
Isle of Wight Network 5.0.part2.rar http://ul.to/bgzf1z3v 
Isle of Wight Network 5.0.part1.rar http://ul.to/u5yr61g7
Railworks Phorum Peninsula Charity DLC

Railworks Phorum Penin….part4.rar http://ul.to/a54af4he 
Railworks Phorum Penin….part3.rar http://ul.to/whtod3yy  
Railworks Phorum Penin….part2.rar http://ul.to/l9z11dl1  
Railworks Phorum Penin….part1.rar http://ul.to/g1aytufb
Denmark 2000 E RW

Denmark 2000 E RW.part4.rar http://ul.to/z3kl74kz 
Denmark 2000 E RW.part3.rar http://ul.to/aag8ur1q 
Denmark 2000 E RW.part2.rar http://ul.to/mrk3qm17  
Denmark 2000 E RW.part1.rar http://ul.to/l181974w
Wilamette Pass Route

RW ScaleRail Freeware.rar http://ul.to/bup5nnc6 
Wilamette Pass Route.part5.rar http://ul.to/vfku1stc 
Wilamette Pass Route.part4.rar http://ul.to/1265pgq6 
Wilamette Pass Route.part3.rar http://ul.to/fh5iuyp0  
Wilamette Pass Route.part2.rar http://ul.to/12hoyc21 
Wilamette Pass Route.part1.rar http://ul.to/dcruq4xe
Class 455 Updated for RW3

Tanigumi Line (Tramway) for Railworks

Yeovil Back from the Past v 1.0

Saltsjöbanan Route v 1.0

Industrial Interactive Route (IIR) V-4

Moscow, Camden & San Augustine (MC&SA, MCSA) 1920's Route

Railworks 3 Train Simulator 2012. Donner Pass Southern Pacific

Railworks 3 Train Simu….part6.rar http://ul.to/e0xvgooe  
Railworks 3 Train Simu….part5.rar http://ul.to/vlh4konj 
Railworks 3 Train Simu….part4.rar http://ul.to/anw5e6mw 
Railworks 3 Train Simu….part3.rar http://ul.to/teq3zy0f  
Railworks 3 Train Simu….part2.rar http://ul.to/5qkms2u8  
Railworks 3 Train Simu….part1.rar http://ul.to/j9yvv5to
Railworks 3 Class 33

Railworks 3 Class 33 D….part2.rar http://ul.to/vzhceyw7 
Railworks 3 Class 33 D….part1.rar http://ul.to/i32d7oin
Railworks BNSF Officially Licensed ES44AC & SD40-2

Railworks SD70 Volume 2

Railworks Doncaster Works

Railworks GR Modern Tanker Cars

Railworks Norfolk Southern SD40-2 HighNose

Railworks SD70ACe

Railworks Up the Junction

Railworks DT Mk1 Coaches

Railworks DT Mk1 Coaches.part1.rar http://ul.to/iikg70e5 
Railworks DT Mk1 Coaches.part2.rar http://ul.to/ot9fbosi

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Railworks Class 37 Pack

Railworks 2P 4-4-0

Railworks 9F Evening Star & Bonus

Railworks 9F Evening S….part1.rar http://ul.to/0j50576o 
Railworks 9F Evening S….part2.rar http://ul.to/vykiyblt
Railworks Challenger

Railworks Challenger.part2.rar http://ul.to/0bgd7i3g 
Railworks Challenger.part1.rar http://ul.to/e6xdpfcm
Railworks Class 31

Railworks GP38-2 & SD40-2 USA Freight Diesel Locomotives Expansion Pack

Railworks GP38-2 & SD4….part4.rar http://ul.to/992ftdyh 
Railworks GP38-2 & SD4….part3.rar http://ul.to/0w1epbmg 
Railworks GP38-2 & SD4….part2.rar http://ul.to/ib9bn276 
Railworks GP38-2 & SD4….part1.rar http://ul.to/pzzzhk9h
Railworks Light Pacific Locomotive

Railworks Stanier 8F

Railworks Streamlined Princess Coronation Class

Railworks Streamlined ….part2.rar http://ul.to/mblr93b4  
Railworks Streamlined ….part1.rar http://ul.to/o3k8kyab
UK Buildings Model Pack Vol. 1

Railworks 0-4-0ST Saddle Tank

Railworks Black 5 Scenario Pack

Railworks Class 45 'Peak' & Bonus

Railworks Class 45 'Pe….part2.rar http://ul.to/hdedh6xq 
Railworks Class 45 'Pe….part1.rar http://ul.to/kzhex04t
Railworks Class S-2 Berkshire

Railworks Gresley A4 Pacific Class

Railworks Gresley A4 P….part2.rar http://ul.to/9grg7bgm  
Railworks Gresley A4 P….part1.rar http://ul.to/8z0sskgp
Railworks GWR B Set Coach

Railworks GWR Hall

Railworks Rascal And Cottonwood

Railworks TEA Bogie Tank

RailWorks Newcastle to York - Modern Route

RailWorks Newcastle to….part2.rar http://ul.to/azzn9fbg 
RailWorks Newcastle to….part1.rar http://ul.to/74y0z22o
Szenarien für RW3

Railworks AP Class 43 Valenta Sound Pack

Railworks AP1 Paddington to Oxford Scenario Pack

Railworks AP2 Paddington to Oxford Scenario Pack (ICNSE Era)

Railworks AP3 Paddington to Oxford Scenario Pack (Freight)

Railworks AP4 Newcastle to York Scenario Pack (Passenger)

Railworks AP4 Newcastl….part2.rar http://ul.to/gdxe3pfe 
Railworks AP4 Newcastl….part1.rar http://ul.to/0kee55ku
Railworks AP5 Newcastle to York Scenario Pack (Freight)

Railworks AP5 Newcastl….part2.rar http://ul.to/rxekrlu3 
Railworks AP5 Newcastl….part1.rar http://ul.to/oh998x50
Railworks AP6 Class 37 Scenario Pack

Railworks AP6 Class 37….part3.rar http://ul.to/axgl5fm1 
Railworks AP6 Class 37….part2.rar http://ul.to/7ikcyho2 
Railworks AP6 Class 37….part1.rar http://ul.to/nk0aooet
Railworks AP7-8 Newcastle to York (Modern) Scenario Pack

Railworks AP7-8 Newcas….part2.rar http://ul.to/caz7zph0 
Railworks AP7-8 Newcas….part1.rar http://ul.to/m18k4uvm
Railworks AP9 New Measurement Train (NMT) Scenario Pack

Railworks AP9 New Meas….part2.rar http://ul.to/uz2m6zvk 
Railworks AP9 New Meas….part1.rar http://ul.to/5flghfun
Railworks AP10 Class 101 Scenario Pack

Railworks AP10 Class 1….part3.rar http://ul.to/h7qkey2w  
Railworks AP10 Class 1….part2.rar http://ul.to/g5rup4th 
Railworks AP10 Class 1….part1.rar http://ul.to/c55m2xxo
Railworks AP11 Paddington to Oxford Scenario Pack (BR Loco Hauled)

Railworks AP11 Padding….part3.rar http://ul.to/5uk8fxtu 
Railworks AP11 Padding….part2.rar http://ul.to/x13iy8o4 
Railworks AP11 Padding….part1.rar http://ul.to/iv9vdetv
Railworks AP12 West Coast Mainline Scenario Pack (Passenger)

Railworks AP12 West Co….part2.rar http://ul.to/klcl4crk 
Railworks AP12 West Co….part1.rar http://ul.to/lepvwerw
Railworks AP13 West Coast Mainline Scenario Pack (Freight)

Railworks AP13 West Co….part3.rar http://ul.to/h97iq9bj 
Railworks AP13 West Co….part2.rar http://ul.to/178vy0lb 
Railworks AP13 West Co….part1.rar http://ul.to/go7rmt8m
Railworks AP14 Bristol to Exeter Scenario Pack (Passenger)

Railworks AP14 Bristol….part2.rar http://ul.to/c2ghioo8 
Railworks AP14 Bristol….part1.rar http://ul.to/tyj419uc
Railworks AP15 Bristol to Exeter Scenario Pack (Freight)

Railworks AP15 Bristol….part2.rar http://ul.to/oafqx8nh  
Railworks AP15 Bristol….part1.rar http://ul.to/f41t78xz
Railworks AP17 Newcastle to York(British Rail)

Railworks AP17 Newcast….part3.rar http://ul.to/39qbbzg4  
Railworks AP17 Newcast….part2.rar http://ul.to/t8oer9qo 
Railworks AP17 Newcast….part1.rar http://ul.to/i0mzqn9v
Railworks AP18 Steam Railtours Scenario Pack

Railworks AP18 Steam R….part3.rar http://ul.to/fv2qbfi6 
Railworks AP18 Steam R….part2.rar http://ul.to/g5a4m9ze 
Railworks AP18 Steam R….part1.rar http://ul.to/ardvyw89
Railworks AP19 Edinburgh to Glasgow Scenario Pack (Modern)

Railworks AP20 Portsmouth Direct Scenario Pack (2010-11)

Railworks AP21 Class 57-0 Scenario Pack

Railworks AP22 Class 67 Scenario Pack

Railworks AP22 Class 6…part05.rar http://ul.to/qp24l7n9  
Railworks AP22 Class 6…part04.rar http://ul.to/5a7wurxp 
Railworks AP22 Class 6…part03.rar http://ul.to/jm65q22i 
Railworks AP22 Class 6…part02.rar http://ul.to/lz6z54l7 
Railworks AP22 Class 6…part01.rar http://ul.to/2njugy0v
Railworks Class 47 Armstrong Powerhouse Sound Pack

Port Road Expansion Pack

RailWorks 3 Class 67 Advanced & Car Carriers

RailWorks 3 Class 67 A….part2.rar http://ul.to/6tswhkis 
RailWorks 3 Class 67 A….part1.rar http://ul.to/9077cxyj
Railworks 3 Class 325 Express Mail

Railworks 3 Class 325 Express Mail
Railworks 3 Class 325 Express Mail.rar http://ul.to/hu1yg17g
Railworks 2 Im Köblitzer Bergland

Railworks 3 Im Köblitz….part3.rar http://ul.to/wsauir3d 
Railworks 3 Im Köblitz….part2.rar http://ul.to/coerx30p 
Railworks 3 Im Köblitz….part1.rar http://ul.to/fi3e7h4y
WCML North Updatet for Train Simulator 2012

WCML North Updatet for…part03.rar http://ul.to/61cf9yta 
WCML North Updatet for…part02.rar http://ul.to/si5xbr1y  
WCML North Updatet for…part01.rar http://ul.to/g8fjonhp
Updated Donner Pass (02/12/11)
Railworks Ohio Steel - Dover Division

Railworks Ohio Steel - Dover Division
Railworks Ohio Steel -….part3.rar http://ul.to/wgf6xld8 
Railworks Ohio Steel -….part2.rar http://ul.to/56ipxe7b 
Railworks Ohio Steel -….part1.rar http://ul.to/dywk7sru
Fopix 3D NS 1800 plus Szenario Hagen-Siegen

Fopix 3D NS 1800 plus Szenario Hagen.Siegen
Fopix 3D NS 1800 plus …Siegen.rar http://ul.to/5oukloz6
Ferrovia Delle Alpi(Rail of Alps) V1.1

Ferrovia Delle Alpi(Ra….part2.rar http://ul.to/m6cvakau 
Ferrovia Delle Alpi(Ra….part1.rar http://ul.to/iozbgdk4
Pikes Eagle Ridge v1.2 SP1

Pikes Eagle Ridge v1_2 SP1.part2.rar http://ul.to/1dt8mf0q 
Pikes Eagle Ridge v1_2 SP1.part1.rar http://ul.to/2ej3i8pp
IHH Class 40 Updated for RW3

Dublin to Cork v 3.0 plus Bonus

Dublin to Cork v 3.0.part2.rar http://ul.to/bqwxr5yz 
Dublin to Cork v 3.0.part1.rar http://ul.to/2ojuosdp
Littleton and Bathcombe Railway v 1.1+Bonus

Littleton and Bathcomb….part3.rar http://ul.to/tczueiax 
Littleton and Bathcomb….part2.rar http://ul.to/mrg7b95a 
Littleton and Bathcomb….part1.rar http://ul.to/eruqlhxi
RW3 Class 86

RW3 BR HCA CDA Hopper Wagon

RW3 Class 20

RW3 Class 20.part3.rar http://ul.to/bjf0ama1  
RW3 Class 20.part2.rar http://ul.to/r33x83lv  
RW3 Class 20.part1.rar http://ul.to/x6dki5fv
RW3 Class 33

RW3 Class 33.part4.rar http://ul.to/zpylfw0a  
RW3 Class 33.part3.rar http://ul.to/gz7bilr7  
RW3 Class 33.part2.rar http://ul.to/w729l8k6 
RW3 Class 33.part1.rar http://ul.to/zpm7v9rc
RW3 Class 56

RW3 Class 56.part3.rar http://ul.to/5rs3q1s8  
RW3 Class 56.part2.rar http://ul.to/eh5oj0cl 
RW3 Class 56.part1.rar http://ul.to/x1d7qb0s
RW3 Class 82

RW3 GG1 Add-On

Digital Traction Wagon Pack 2

RW3 BIG Headlight Patch

RW3 Scheinwerfer Patch.part09.rar http://ul.to/8dl3aebt 
RW3 Scheinwerfer Patch.part08.rar http://ul.to/gq0t9gtr 
RW3 Scheinwerfer Patch.part07.rar http://ul.to/7olpird5 
RW3 Scheinwerfer Patch.part06.rar http://ul.to/xfyjjkfa 
RW3 Scheinwerfer Patch.part05.rar http://ul.to/qft4fqp9  
RW3 Scheinwerfer Patch.part04.rar http://ul.to/bu6ubeau 
RW3 Scheinwerfer Patch.part03.rar http://ul.to/9u74nuwk 
RW3 Scheinwerfer Patch.part02.rar http://ul.to/zx7ucpur 
RW3 Scheinwerfer Patch.part01.rar http://ul.to/eo3dgmhe
Forest Land Ligne Russe

Forest Land Ligne Russe.part3.rar http://ul.to/yd8dqfu1  
Forest Land Ligne Russe.part2.rar http://ul.to/5nj5cq8g 
Forest Land Ligne Russe.part1.rar http://ul.to/45qyt2me
virtual Railroads BR143

TS 2012 Sound

AP Sound for RW3

AP Sound for RW3.part3.rar http://ul.to/9rol57y0 
AP Sound for RW3.part2.rar http://ul.to/ywxw2bwp 
AP Sound for RW3.part1.rar http://ul.to/0btd5hpu
Altenburg-Wildau 2.0 for TS2012

Altenburg-Wildau 2.0 f….part4.rar http://ul.to/lh4lze1c 
Altenburg-Wildau 2.0 f….part3.rar http://ul.to/lsu3i036 
Altenburg-Wildau 2.0 f….part2.rar http://ul.to/ds3x8smf 
Altenburg-Wildau 2.0 f….part1.rar http://ul.to/yss7syuy
Albula v2 for TS2012

RailWorks 3 Albula v2.part3.rar http://ul.to/niyzbe0h  
RailWorks 3 Albula v2.part2.rar http://ul.to/mvt015gl 
RailWorks 3 Albula v2.part1.rar http://ul.to/tamx1pa6
Altenburg Wildau-Dieselnachschub für Wildau v.2 (complete)
Dieselnachschub für Wildau v.2.part4.rar http://ul.to/lecjee9u  
Dieselnachschub für Wildau v.2.part3.rar http://ul.to/gk5rudd7 
Dieselnachschub für Wildau v.2.part2.rar http://ul.to/ytmbc392 
Dieselnachschub für Wildau v.2.part1.rar http://ul.to/yqsszjdm
ALTENBURG - WILDAU-Energie fürs Kohlekraftwerk (complete)
ALTENBURG - WILDAU-Ene….part2.rar http://ul.to/mgrmkmvy 
ALTENBURG - WILDAU-Ene….part1.rar http://ul.to/4r2f8wht
ALTENBURG - WILDAU-Getränke für die Jubiläumsfeier (complete)
ALTENBURG - WILDAU-Felberpass (complete)
Felberpass.part3.rar http://ul.to/5tdwxnx1  
Felberpass.part2.rar http://ul.to/dybpc93i 
Felberpass.part1.rar http://ul.to/zmgh9d60
ALTENBURG - WILDAU-Gute Nacht Altenburg-Wildau (complete)
ALTENBURG - WILDAU-Gut….part3.rar http://ul.to/v8rhicif 
ALTENBURG - WILDAU-Gut….part2.rar http://ul.to/jnizq0sb 
ALTENBURG - WILDAU-Gut….part1.rar http://ul.to/ad5izrl2
ALBULA-Verschneiter Winterabend (complete)
ALBULA-Verschneiter Wi….part3.rar http://ul.to/is7zp2hq 
ALBULA-Verschneiter Wi….part2.rar http://ul.to/d7ymjmhe 
ALBULA-Verschneiter Wi….part1.rar http://ul.to/6gyqyjlu
ALBULA-Community auf Reisen (complete)
ALBULA-Community auf Reisen.part3.rar http://ul.to/70qizd5z  
ALBULA-Community auf Reisen.part2.rar http://ul.to/rcmrngr7  
ALBULA-Community auf Reisen.part1.rar http://ul.to/hnmapytu
ALBULA-Ein bunter Zug + Bonus (complete)
ALBULA-Ein bunter Zug + Bonus.part3.rar http://ul.to/bmorgo2c 
ALBULA-Ein bunter Zug + Bonus.part2.rar http://ul.to/26w213nk 
ALBULA-Ein bunter Zug + Bonus.part1.rar http://ul.to/45ajcjc6
ALBULA-Rohrtransport nach Thusis (complete)
ALBULA-Ein französischer Tag (complete)
ALBULA-Ein französischer Tag.part3.rar http://ul.to/hwhyml1q  
ALBULA-Ein französischer Tag.part2.rar http://ul.to/6a1s5bid  
ALBULA-Ein französischer Tag.part1.rar http://ul.to/p1q3540x
HAGEN - SIEGEN-Train à Grande Vitesse (complete)
HAGEN - SIEGEN-Train à….part5.rar http://ul.to/o5yztsql  
HAGEN - SIEGEN-Train à….part4.rar http://ul.to/przcglcl 
HAGEN - SIEGEN-Train à….part3.rar http://ul.to/ilzfe71v  
HAGEN - SIEGEN-Train à….part2.rar http://ul.to/4aan9vke  
HAGEN - SIEGEN-Train à….part1.rar http://ul.to/i05cso9u
NORTHERN EUROPE-Jagd nach Geschwindigkeit [TGV] v.1 (complete)
NORTHERN EUROPE-Jagd n….part3.rar http://ul.to/bu0qf5w7 
NORTHERN EUROPE-Jagd n….part2.rar http://ul.to/z38zxkqi 
NORTHERN EUROPE-Jagd n….part1.rar http://ul.to/zc9k70vx
SEEBERGBAHN-Helfer in der Not new version (complete)
SEEBERGBAHN-Helfer in ….part2.rar http://ul.to/tk9hf5yi 
SEEBERGBAHN-Helfer in ….part1.rar http://ul.to/pqsno5zp
Felberpass - BR120 Package (complete)
Felberpass - BR120 Package.part3.rar http://ul.to/7lrkvpex 
Felberpass - BR120 Package.part2.rar http://ul.to/sb4616o6  
Felberpass - BR120 Package.part1.rar http://ul.to/rafkxsnl
Koeblitzer Mountain Route 1.20 (RailWorks 3 Train Simulator 2012)

Koeblitzer Mountain Ro…part04.rar http://ul.to/5susbf1t  
Koeblitzer Mountain Ro…part03.rar http://ul.to/74ibniuz 
Koeblitzer Mountain Ro…part02.rar http://ul.to/zwvtxnsa 
Koeblitzer Mountain Ro…part01.rar http://ul.to/d9aey8kj
AP23 Portsmouth Direct Scenario Pack (Slam-door EMU)+Station Lighting Enhancement Pack (UK DLC)

Station Lighting Enhancement Pack (UK DLC)
Torino-Genova v3.0 (TrainSimulator 2012)

Torino-Genova v3.0 (Tr….part8.rar http://ul.to/0xrvoqr4 
Torino-Genova v3.0 (Tr….part7.rar http://ul.to/v9l9uca3 
Torino-Genova v3.0 (Tr….part6.rar http://ul.to/9wrk3kpq 
Torino-Genova v3.0 (Tr….part5.rar http://ul.to/g56vkoft 
Torino-Genova v3.0 (Tr….part4.rar http://ul.to/8lphvwui 
Torino-Genova v3.0 (Tr….part3.rar http://ul.to/eejc2mdj 
Torino-Genova v3.0 (Tr….part2.rar http://ul.to/q59hlc41 
Torino-Genova v3.0 (Tr….part1.rar http://ul.to/4gae22gc
Albula 2 Patch 1or 2 [29 Dec 2011]
Croydon Tramlink CR4000

Route Ferrovia Italia-Francia v2.0

Route Ferrovia Italia-…part07.rar http://ul.to/8wcme8qc 
Route Ferrovia Italia-…part06.rar http://ul.to/kg0t0phg  
Route Ferrovia Italia-…part05.rar http://ul.to/xzyxntwm  
Route Ferrovia Italia-…part04.rar http://ul.to/92z1obck 
Route Ferrovia Italia-…part03.rar http://ul.to/i7xq598o  
Route Ferrovia Italia-…part02.rar http://ul.to/u1iygx6m 
Route Ferrovia Italia-…part01.rar http://ul.to/x2cjb626
IHH TS2012 DP2 plus Headlights

Minuetto Pack - Train Simulator 2012 DLC

IHH 76t Diesel Crane

Update Albula v2b
Albula v2b.part2.rar http://ul.to/qmrbtzb6 
Albula v2b.part1.rar http://ul.to/kdkqcboq
CHINA DF4D big headlight TRAIN+Szenario

Railworks 3 Ohio Steel 2 Expansion Pack

Railworks 3 Ohio Steel…part03.rar http://ul.to/8j218lqh  
Railworks 3 Ohio Steel…part02.rar http://ul.to/fim3yqzu 
Railworks 3 Ohio Steel…part01.rar http://ul.to/npgnh6uq
Wolseley to Prince Alfred Hamlet - A South African Route for Railworks 2012

Wolseley to Prince Alf….part3.rar http://ul.to/o5gdn68m 
Wolseley to Prince Alf….part2.rar http://ul.to/owrgivec 
Wolseley to Prince Alf….part1.rar http://ul.to/ixowze0t
Okahandja-Rehoboth Route for Railworks 2012

Okahandja-Rehoboth Rou….part3.rar http://ul.to/um8rhp3s 
Okahandja-Rehoboth Rou….part2.rar http://ul.to/1xe6k1nj 
Okahandja-Rehoboth Rou….part1.rar http://ul.to/jqwbv988
RW3 P42DC Genesis Pack 1.10day updated

RW3 P42DC Genesis Pack….part2.rar http://ul.to/oepveqpk 
RW3 P42DC Genesis Pack….part1.rar http://ul.to/8zoamcny

Portland Terminal Updates.1.10
Portland Terminal Upda…part04.rar http://ul.to/1lfjw8j7 
Portland Terminal Upda…part03.rar http://ul.to/ykegk0ru 
Portland Terminal Upda…part02.rar http://ul.to/fy3wb5g8 
Portland Terminal Upda…part01.rar http://ul.to/4no0swn4
Blackpool Balloon Trams

Train Simulator 2012 - HIA Wagon Pack - Armstrong Powerhouse

Train Simulator 2012 - Class 86/87 Sound Pack - Armstrong Powerhouse

AP Class 86 87 Sound Pack.part2.rar http://ul.to/hhbdh66m 
AP Class 86 87 Sound Pack.part1.rar http://ul.to/0oqzgrcu
Scenarios for Train Simulator 2012 [22.January 2012]

virtual RAILROADS BR151 Bundle

virtual RAILROADS Ommi 51 F-z-120

virtual RAILROADS Fas126


virtual RAILROADS ICE 1 BR 401

Fort Kent to Eagle Lake v2.0

Fort Kent to Eagle Lake v2.0.part2.rar http://ul.to/k0snq9vb 
Fort Kent to Eagle Lake v2.0.part1.rar http://ul.to/8mz0wbog

Update Class 153 Totham for TS2012
Update Class 153 Totha….part2.rar http://ul.to/5qiel1wr 
Update Class 153 Totha….part1.rar http://ul.to/m93vgwca
Train Simulator 2012 - Class 66 Sound Pack - Armstrong Powerhouse

RAILWORKS 3 The Woodhead Line

The Woodhead Line Clas… Patch.rar http://ul.to/4je294cc 
RAILWORKS 3 The Woodhead Line.part5.rar http://ul.to/uwwha75p 
RAILWORKS 3 The Woodhead Line.part4.rar http://ul.to/wdymrbt0 
RAILWORKS 3 The Woodhead Line.part3.rar http://ul.to/r0crv3tl 
RAILWORKS 3 The Woodhead Line.part2.rar http://ul.to/j826impt 
RAILWORKS 3 The Woodhead Line.part1.rar http://ul.to/h8bek7c6
Ferrovia sul confine Italia-Francia V2.1+Zusatz für kommende Versionen

Ferrovia sul confine I….part3.rar http://ul.to/teurn2x9  
Ferrovia sul confine I….part2.rar http://ul.to/7bzakd2g 
Ferrovia sul confine I….part1.rar http://ul.to/33u0ypoe
RailWorks 3 Intercity-Express Add-On


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virtual Railroads BR 323


Class 390 Updated RW3

virtual RAILROADS E18 Blau - Beige RW3

DC Electrics (Woodhead) RW3 plus Bonus

DC Electrics (Woodhead….part4.rar http://ul.to/crcpjq83  
DC Electrics (Woodhead….part3.rar http://ul.to/nz0dyny6 
DC Electrics (Woodhead….part2.rar http://ul.to/g83mhqww 
DC Electrics (Woodhead….part1.rar http://ul.to/np6prkkq
Train Simulator 2012 - Class 37 Sound Pack (Pro) - Armstrong Powerhouse

East Sommerset Railway RW3

East Sommerset Railway RW3.part2.rar http://ul.to/8acgwx2a 
East Sommerset Railway RW3.part1.rar http://ul.to/o8zz94wv
Train Simulator 2012 - Class 421 Sound Pack - Armstrong Powerhouse

BR 7MT Britannia Pacific plus TS2012 Updated

virtual RAILROADS Kds 56 Ucs 909

virtual RAILROADS Kds 67 Ucs 910

LMS Period 3 Stanier Passenger Coaches RW3

virtual RAILROADS Schnellzugwagen Ep 3 4

Box Wagon pack RW3

RW3 Maunsell Coaches

RW3 VAM Wagons

Train Simulator 2012 - HHA Wagon Pack - Armstrong Powerhouse

RW3 Stock Pack VDA 45T Van

Railworks Flying Scotsman

virtual RAILROADS Tis 858 Kmmgks 58

Settle & Carlisle versie 7.0 [07 Feb 2012] complete

PRR K4 Steam Locomotive Add-On

RusfordLine v1.0

AP Combination Pack 2 High Speed Train

Train Simulator 2012 - Class 31 Enhancement Pack - Armstrong Powerhouse

Stock Pack 102T Class A Bogie Tank Wagon

ZCA Sea Urchin ex VDA

virtual RAILROADS Fad 167

virtual RAILROADS Fal 167

virtual RAILROADS Falns

BR Class 27 type 2 Diesel Loco plus Bonus

Class 40 Type 4 Diesel Locomotive

HS4000 KESTREL Type 5 Diesel Loco


RailWorks 3 Update 5 (11.0b)
- FXAA replaces MLAA.
- Fix for floating grills
- Kuju RailSimulator Bridge Lofts fixed
- Kuju RailSimulator Digital Clocks do not illuminate at night.
- Use actual frame timing rather than time sliced frame timing for edit camera, so frame rate is consistent with camera motion.
- Fix for showing incorrect FPS with shift + z
- Less GPU stalling at high framerates by flushing the command buffer when 2 frames are queued for rendering.
- Unstepped rather than unclamped for frame time updates on camera
- Physics transformation interpolation for Player RV geometry and Physical cab camera
- Brake pipe pressure gauge fully working in HUD
- Increased protection against cracks
- Fix for mixed double head steam running out of fuel
- Fix for facing double head steam fighting
- Particle optimisations
- Multicore improvments
- Superelevation works on 3D track
- Casting lights are scaled back on lower settings
- Tile File loading optimisations to smooth streaming
- Emitter shaders are only loaded once
- Smoothed dirty network building to stop stutters
- FXAA doesnt up then down sample when SSAA enabled - less blurry
- Platform character update optimisations
- Incorrect water clipping fixed
- Electric power on 3rd rail with no panto
- Gantry tool offers height offset
- HW instancing turned off in PS2.0
- Changing the time of day in the scenario editor will not permanently turn off day/night type lights in the current tile.
- Fix for crash in cScriptManager update
- Scenery decals are incorrectly lit in TSX.
- Seasonal lighting up times
- Invisible decals
- AA issues with precipitation fixed
- Day/Night lights additional fix for randomly being in wrong state
- Fix for point light / spot light / water changes not saving when only properties in the fly out are modified
- Fix for hex colour parsing / display
- TrainBumpSpecMask shader was ignoring specular mask fixing a loose end with Career Mode cheating
- Smoothness improvements in scenery streaming
- Fixed jumping wheel animation
- Reduced intensity of shadow below locomotive
- Fixed labels not appearing on 3D Can Controls
- Updated DLC Manual
- Fixed issues with scenarios
- Fixed brightness when in the cab
Fix for particle draw order issue when Low or Medium Quality shaders selected in conjunction with SSAA
- Fix for wrong Language on tool-tips on the AA slider in wrapper options.
RailWorks 3 Glasgow Airport Rail Link + Class 380

RAS Railworks

RailWorks 3 Hamburg - Bremen complete

RailWorks 3 Hamburg - Bremen.part10.rar http://ul.to/zkjgqmd5 
RailWorks 3 Hamburg - Bremen.part09.rar http://ul.to/2jt2kuxr 
RailWorks 3 Hamburg - Bremen.part08.rar http://ul.to/y5yefx9z 
RailWorks 3 Hamburg - Bremen.part07.rar http://ul.to/vxct1w0y 
RailWorks 3 Hamburg - Bremen.part06.rar http://ul.to/9mq67i0b 
RailWorks 3 Hamburg - Bremen.part05.rar http://ul.to/z81s1udl 
RailWorks 3 Hamburg - Bremen.part04.rar http://ul.to/tvupxfho  
RailWorks 3 Hamburg - Bremen.part03.rar http://ul.to/hk3rn86p  
RailWorks 3 Hamburg - Bremen.part02.rar http://ul.to/9g5x55b6 
RailWorks 3 Hamburg - Bremen.part01.rar http://ul.to/2c7k5cqa
Railworks 3 Train Simulator 2012. Class 77


A lot of fun....
You tommy.

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Virtual railroads Eurofima Bundle

This is how to [CODE] your links. joeking

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Default Horseshoe Curve expansion pack


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Quote: Originally Posted by jdpl View Post
JJA Auto Balastter
HTML Code:
JustTrains-JJA Autoballaster.rwp http://ul.to/526h47pu
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Thank you
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top post...thanx
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Awesome post! Thank you all!
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So how exactly do I get these add-ons?
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Why ProTrainPerfect addons has been deleted?
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anyone have the new DDA40X loco addon??
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ZCA Sea Urchin ex VDA
new link
tanks in advanze
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none of the links are working

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