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New Slow Netload

Anybody else experiencing slow transfer speed when downloading from Netload these days?
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Default Re: Slow Netload

yes, i've been experiencing slow downloads yesterday seem to have been a server problem, but it seems to be working fine today. My only prob with netload is that download are not resuming if they are stopped more than once.
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Default Re: Slow Netload

It's been working slower than usual for the past couple of days, too. Nothing changed with my connection (other sites work at full speed), but netload maxes out at 1,1MBytes/sec, when it used to be 1,5-1,6MBs/sec.

It isn't anything tragic, but it did make me think it was a good choice to buy the 3-month extension rather than the full year-round one. Let's see how it will go from now on...
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Default Re: Slow Netload

Netload has been very slow today, I get like 30k max download.
what's happening? are they upgrading their servers or something.

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Default Re: Slow Netload

for some files, i'm getting normal speeds

for others, the speed is atrocious and will fluctuate between 0KB/s (yes, frequent drops to 0 KB/s!) and 30KB/s

some of their servers must be screwed

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Default Re: Slow Netload

Argh, I'm having the same problems as you guys. Too bad, cause I paid for a premium account and it's not doing what I paid for. :(
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Default Re: Slow Netload

Same here :( For most of the files it goes at most 100kB/s (1800kB is my normal speed). I bought 1-month account to try this out. If it goes like that for the rest of my subscription I'll try other file hosting service...
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Default Re: Slow Netload

yep same prob here, slwo on some files and fast others

no file host servive rises in popularity and still maintains quality

rules get put in place as well as restrictions (example: look at rapidshare)

oh well

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Default Re: Slow Netload

I'm getting VERY slow speed as well, even when I download as a premium user. My account is going to end in a couple of days, and I sure don't intend to extend it.

Netload used to be very good in speed though, if you had an account. I guess they're cutting corners, given the state of the economy. :)
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Default Re: Slow Netload

Yep facing the same damn problem :\
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Default Re: Slow Netload

I have another problem with netload now, every file im trying to download the program says failed in the download section i have tried many different movies from here, netload worked great a couple of days ago, it was yesterday i get this errors on every file i tried i tried to download, i have a premium account, and if if check in the options field in netload it says my account is valid., but i cant download anything.

What could be the problem??
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Default Re: Slow Netload

yes its slow for me too :(
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Default Re: Slow Netload

slow in itself does not mean anything. who d/l at 10MB and suddenly goes to 1MB, will say netload is slow.

i'm getting 1.4MB ever since, and if i'm correct, the max would be 1.6MB anyway.

currently netload is not even accessible :O
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Captain Sleepless

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Default Re: Slow Netload

no problems here, got my 1.2mb/sec with and without premium account (might be because i live in germany, just 200km away from the netload servers)
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