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Default Trouble with NetLoad uploading and File Manager

I'm having serious trouble uploading to NetLoad and using their File Manager, I've searched here and and Google for answers to these problems to no avail.

First problem:- very often (but not always) when I upload a file, either from within a newly created folder screen or using the general Upload screen, the upload takes place but when it's physically finished, I see a blank screen and the Status Bar is still saying 'Waiting for upload2.netload.in...'. It stays like that for about 5 minutes, then the Status Bar changes to 'Done' and the screen is still blank. That's it. Nothing else happens. When I go into File Manager there is no sign of the file anywhere.
An occasional occurrence of this might be explained by overloaded servers and timeouts etc., but it has happened with the vast majority of attempted uploads over a couple of weeks. Tonight I've had 5 attempts to upload one 20Mb file and still not succeeded.

Second problem (with File Manager):- when the upload does work and responds with a screen showing me the file links, I later go into File Manager and click 'Files' but there is no sign of the file, either at the 'outer level' or in any folder. With my upload of the movie 'Australia', I click the folder link and all the parts of the movie are correctly listed, but File Manager says there are no files in that folder. In another case I have a folder with 5 files in it but File Manager lists only 3.

This means I can't move files around because I can't see them in FM.

Anyone else having this trouble?.
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Default Re: Trouble with NetLoad uploading and File Manager

NL is a piece of crap, sometimes the uploads work fine, others it's plain frustrating. I can't explain it other than to say that the site has problems, and to keep trying.

I was having no luck at all uploading last night, today it's working ok.
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