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Default Wraithborn


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Default Re: Wraithborn

Writers: Joe Benitez & Marcia Chen, Artist: Joe Benitez

The book is a supernatural, dark fantasy story inspired by folklore and mythologies from around the world. The idea being that all these legends were based on some truth, that gods and demons and angels and so forth really do exist, and once walked this earth. But one day, they all seemed to vanish, and eventually we just wrote them off as fiction. But they're still around, and they're trying really hard to get back and reclaim their former "lordship and dominion" over all humankind.

The Wraithborn are special individuals who have the only power that can fight these "Immortals", and throughout the ages, they've been protecting us and preventing the Immortals from returning.

The Wraithborn power is normally given to a specially chosen warrior, someone who has trained for decades to wield the power and fight the Immortals. But, due to "unforeseen circumstances", the power is passed on to an ordinary high school girl who doesn't know anything about what's going on, but she's got to figure things out fast because a lot of "people" (including the Immortals) are coming after her.

At the heart of things, Wraithborn is about the transformation of a sweet, timid, innocent girl into this tough, badass, seemingly cold and heartless warrior who has to do a lot of things that she may not like to do. And we follow her on this journey, through the many trials she has to face, the mistakes she'll make, and the grievous consequences of those mistakes.

Issues 1-6 (complete)

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Default Re: Wraithborn

Thanks jonhung and rdrnnr for the posts. Wanted to get into this series and I will.

Very Prime.
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Default Re: Wraithborn

looks cool, thanks dude!
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