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Star [PSP]Monster Hunter/MHP3+English Patch/MHFU

Monster Hunter Portable 3(2010)

SCReens Later

NOTE: Always use an untouched ISO when applying a new patch.

All credits goes to aumanx= kenshiHH for this English translation.

NEW Latest version : v0.29a


Translated 400 more items!!!


How to apply the patch:

1. Open the game using UMDGEN.

2. Look for the file named "DATA.BIN" inside the "USRDIR" folder.

3. Right click on the file named "DATA.BIN" and choose "Apply PPF patch to selected file".

4. Now choose the file named "ppftest.ppf". (Download the file below and extract it to get this file.)

5. Click "Apply".

6. Save the patched ISO.

7. Done. Enjoy.


Easy patcher
(This is for those who are having trouble patching the game manually.)

1. Download the patcher below.

2. Extract the file and open the file named "Monster Hunter Portable 3rd English Patcher.exe" inside the "M.H.P.3rd.English.Patcher" folder.

3. Click "1) Check MD5" on the patcher and choose the untouched ISO of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd game.
(It will check whether the ISO is still untouched or not.)

4. After the check is done, click "2) Apply Ripkit". Name the patched ISO to whatever you want and then save it. (Just don't choose you're untouched ISO or it will overwrite it.)


Monster hunter Unite(2009)

If in need of password try: firefly
credits for them for the links


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so what are the settings to get the game running psp screen showing up and then blk screen then shut down plz help
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thnks for the uplaod
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the clean iso monster hunter portable 3rd is still japan!
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please tell me this works on ofw!
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of course it doesnt lol
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