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Exclamation Accidentally deleted torrent data from utorrent!

Hi frenz,
Yesterday while i was abt to stop a torrent,i accidentally deleted data from utorrent..tat s i selected it n i did remove data...Is there any way to bring it back...Guide me in dis guys....Thx in advance..
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I think your out of luck if you chose "Delete data" and not remove from list. If you had just chosen delete from list you could just add the torrent back and continue, but as you have physically deleted the data your chances at recovery are incredibly slim. I am not sure if Getdataback would work, but it or a program like it may be your only hope.
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as far as I know, if you delete data, it will be deleted to the recycle bin.
Did you check the recycle bin ?

The other and ONLY alternative is to try a file recovery program, I have tested many programs but I liked "Recuva". Its made by the same dudes who make CCleaner and it's fast and works pretty nice (well, for me it did).

Download from here:
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