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Default Hardcode srt subtitle to mkv movie

Hi guys and girls.listen ive got a couple of mkv movies and i also have srt subtitle separate
from the movie is there a way i can take srt subtitle and hard code it to the movie im not sure which is the best way id like to play back in western digital media with subtitles.....................thanks in advance.
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Default Re: Hardcode srt subtitle to mkv movie

have u try to change the subtitle name make it same with the mkv file, example: your movie file is: example.mkv and your subtitle file's name is: unknown.srt so all you have to do is just change the subtitle file's name to example.srt and it should work with mostly player or u can try gom player at http://www.gomlab.com its totally free.. and if u want to make mkv file with srt file to DVD try ConvertXtoDvd software is a nice software, hope it can help u
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Default Re: Hardcode srt subtitle to mkv movie

In WDTV you just rename subtitles with same name as video.. Just like agusliem said.. But if you really want to hardcode subtitles to video you should use MKVtoolnix.. Google it and you will find it..
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Default Re: Hardcode srt subtitle to mkv movie

mkv2vob will do it but hardcoding subtitles means reencoding the video which will give you lower quality. It also takes a long time.
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Default Re: Hardcode srt subtitle to mkv movie

Yep, name it the same as the movie, then open MKVtoolnix, and use MKVmerge to add it to the container. Only takes a minute and thw WDTV will play it fine.
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Default Re: Hardcode srt subtitle to mkv movie

The only reason you should hardcore the subs instead of just muxing them into the mkv container would be for styled subtitles that I believe the WD doesn't play styled (will still show the subtitles but it will not have the effects), however as stated doing so requires quite a bit of time and if you ain't familiar with encoding you will very most likely reduce the quality for the video.
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Default Re: Hardcode srt subtitle to mkv movie

First off, Xami and elitists stand correct. No need to hard-sub. No need to have them embedded in the mkv container either. As already proposed, just give both files (mkv + srt) the same name and WDTV will display them properly (no styles though).

@FatJoe: mkvmerge CANNOT hardcode subs to video. No way!! As said, you can do that ONLY by re-encoding. So, please don't post in the Helpdesk again, in case you're clueless. Being misleading is not the best thing one could do....

@Xami: Re-encoding doesn't necessarily lead to loss of initial video source's quality, in case you know what you're doing.

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