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Lightbulb Link to FAQ in Forum Rules pages

Hello, guys. Trying to find out about the "thanks button" took me a while because the info is not in the Forum Rules but in FAQ (which is a sticky inside 'news & announcements'). Because I searched it, I finally found it, but I noticed many people had posted asking about that before. So maybe it would be a good idea to create a 'link' in the Forum Rules' page directing us to FAQ. Or edit the Forum Rules page to include this info. Whatever yu think it's easier for you. I hope you don't get offended, since I'm a newbie here. It's just a suggestion, okay? Tks for accepting me.
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It's been discussed a few times, but it is where it is. Personally I think it's in the wrong place too, but that's just my pennies worth. Best thing to do is don't worry about it, once you get familiar with the site, you'll soon find your way around easily.

Most new members don't read the rules or bother to find anything out by searching anyway, so that's probably the main reason, as it wouldn't make a whole lot of difference where the FAQ is.... Could stick it to their head & they'd still miss it! Haha! :)
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Not many people have mirrors.
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Welcome Lanikai.
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Its a nice suggestion Lanikai. At least you took the darn time to search that out! lol. Welcome to tehPARADOX, glad to have you. I think its a good idea for everyone to go over the rules and faqs every now and then, I tend to forget things often. I've gone over everything more than once, and I still forget it all lol.
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