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Television Problem with iPhone 4 video quality posting to MegaVideo and Youtube

Hi to all, I need some help about videos from iPhone 4. I recently recorded with my iPhone 4 some videos in High Definition (720P). Some parts of the videos I have they are longer than accepted by youtube (more than 15 min. in length). Because of that (even I changed my account to director with no luck) and I decided to post videos that are longer than supposed for youtube to post them to Megavideo. I uploaded long videos to Megavideo and with no Luck again and I got this :
" Status: permanent conversion error!
please try uploading a different video format. "

In youtube I directly uploaded the original files like they are in .Mov format and they are ok. this is example in HD format 720p in youtube :
in megavideo the HD version the original file I posted I got this :
I looked in Internet and I used this program to convert the original file I have from iPhone 4: Total Video Converter for HD 3.71 (registered). When I converted (one video file) original file to MP4 format I got much smaller quality and I got this :

The quaility of this video it's not bad but I want to have .Mov files into any other format accepted by Megavideo and to not change the quality of HD video. I tried with this program Total video COnverter HD version but I didn't have luck because when I wanted to convert same .Mov file from iPhone 4 to MP4 HD version there was some error it was saying that the bitrate or something like that are not correct and I was choosing to not change bitrate,width-height,quaility etc.. to remain as original but no Luck.
Changing to another host it's not an option because I have premium account in Megavideo.

So, I want some advise and help what to do, (instructions), etc.... to make possible my Videos from iPhone 4 to post them to Megavideo and to not loose any quality or to not loose most of the quality.
Any help will be appreciated.
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I believe you will find the answer you are looking for here:

The initial thread topic is asking for a lossless .mov to .avi solution, but if you read all the posts in that thread, you will find a solution for a .mov to mp4 lossless "conversion".

Personally, I haven't tried to do what you wish to do, but I dont see why the suggestions given there would not work.

For your future "projects", you should consider filming (if possible) with a .mp4 container. This would make a lossless "conversion" to .avi or .mkv easier.

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Yes But I have iPhone 4 and the recording with that is in .Mov format. Thanks for your help I'll see now from the post if that will help me. :)
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