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Default tehparadox not accessible

Hi all,

It's been really frustrating.
For some reason, I was not able to access here, say for three days.
Coincidentally, from the day I installed Windows 7-three days ago-, other websites were same as usual, surfable, but "tehpara..."

This needs some explanation,

I was not able to visit my favorite "tehparadox.com" because,

1. The server was down.
2. Windows 7 fcked it up.
3. My firewall setting blocked it-very unlikely.
4. The authorities of where I live-Thailand, I'm not Thai though-blocked it for
copy right violation-very laughable.

Can anyone kindly tell me why I had to be tortured for three darn days?


ps: I'm not serious about what happened, but very curious WHY.

It's glad to be back.
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Default Re: tehparadox not accessible

I have the same problem but only for the last 2 days and only during my early morning hours.
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Default Re: tehparadox not accessible

been the same for me, from what i read its been server troubles.
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Default Re: tehparadox not accessible

Yeah, same here & I've talked to others on the site w/the same issue.
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Default Re: tehparadox not accessible

same problem happen to me to and i don't think it because server down maybe some kind maintanance or others

read this:

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Information Re: tehparadox not accessible

Since we've moved to a new server recently, few hardware updates and other adjustments are necessary and in progress. So, please be patient and you can be sure that tehPARADOX, who's fully aware of this situation, will do his best to fix it the soonest possible.

Thread closed.

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