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Default Unlock Samsung Galaxy S Advance?

Can anyone advise me if it is possible to unlock a Samsung Galaxy S Advance locked to Virgin? And if so how? Will rooting it do it?


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This is my brother's territory, but the only time I see him to ask anything is when he wants something from me... which isn't today!

As far as I know rooting the phone alone won't unlock it. It'll just give you superuser status so you can access everything Samsung didn't want you to. If you want to unlock it yourself rather than paying a company to do it, then you will need to root it first & then you can install Galaxy S Unlock to unlock it....

I'm pretty sure that's how he does it. Your best bet is to have a look on XDA, they're the brains behind all things that are to do with cracking/hacking/firmware's etc. on Android...

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Unless you get the code from a manufacturer/provider

you will need to root it, and then put it to specific firmware
and then I usually use equipment to do the next step! =/
Not cheap stuff either, Z3XBox, NSPro, Microbox, all things that cost, and arnt worth the one off unlock.

I believe you can have the code processed remotely,
I can do it but yourd be looking at 20...
Whereas you might have someone local that can do it or have you tried asking the network?
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Hi cazmajor
You can unlock your Samsung Galaxy S using unlock code.You can get unlock code from your service provider or else try to buy a unlock code from online unlocking service provider.Nowadays there are many online unlocking service vendors available.If you need unlock code visit
Here you can get your unlock code with simple unlock instructions via e-mail.So you can easily unlock your Samsung Galaxy S within a day.

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Nice tip paviya but please code that link.
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Thanks for your information neophyte666
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