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Default Way to remux to delay sound?

I've got the entire Saw series of movies on MKV which I originally converted the sound from DTS to AC3 a while back. When I went to watch them the other day, I noticed the sound is fine (everything is there, no issue with the conversion) but it's out of sync with the movie, by about 1 second late. Is there a way using mkvtoolnix to re-encode it, and put the sound back where it should be?

Thank you for any help
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Yes, that's quite easy to do.

Open the MKV in mkvmergeGUI, select the audio track, then select the "Format specific options" below, and there is a field for "Delay (in ms)" so for 1 second late put -1000. (1000 would make it one second even later.)

Remux, and you're done. :)

(Normally I'd play it myself first in Media Player Classic, using ffdshow, and in the audio settings there you can delay the audio dynamically so you can tweak it until it's just right, before spending 5-10 minutes remuxing a file only to find that 0.9 seconds would be better.)

Hope this helps. :)
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