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CCleaner is good but a clean disk drive image is the king.
See, back in the day win2K had a neat little menu right on the "My Computer" desktop link.
It was a lever with which the administrator of that system could give some more memory space to the registry. That was super cool because in all winNT based systems the registry hives keep expanding no matter what.
Sure, reg cleaners remove dead entries but still that is not ennuf. This "hives" thing keeps expanding, slowing down thus the system.
Win7 dont have this issue to fight with anymore. The 7 kernel dont load the dead or invalid entries into memory, so, in real terms you dont need a reg cleaner with that system.
What really slows down a win7 system is ... too many programs starting along with windows like instant messengers, internet clocks, lame browser addons, veedeeo overlay recorders, antivirus programs etcetera.
Other sneaky programs mite politely ask you if you want their purty lill code to be executed while all of your profiles on your box are logged on. These guys use a "service" to achieve that.
A service has the ability to wake up a program even if it is not registered at the startup folder.
There are a few other low level sections like winlogon or drivers to tweak or disable in order to gain some speed back but youll need to be 100% on your game.
Its purty easy to screw up your system if you really dont know what youre doin so you mite wanna use somethin like the PC Decrapifier
It removes plenty of them memory hoggin applications, addons and programs like Norton Live Update or the MSN toolbar plus some other junk that no body really needs anyway.

beer time for me!
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Is there a character limi

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jbgoode, everything ends in beer time with you!
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Yep, CCleaner is a definite winner. I always keep backups when I clean the registry just to be only the safe side.
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I'm a fan of TuneUp Utilities.
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East-Tec Eraser or Cyberscrub
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using CCleaner too
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TuneUp Utilities for me. I have to add though that I really like CCleaner as well. Very easy set-up and hassle free. Peace!!!!

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CCleaner is my choice too.
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Cookie connoisseur

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CCleaner and Defraggler!
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Although TuneUp speeds up your PC momentaraly it knows to actually slow it down so
CCleaner Definetly
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