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Default Why does Crackle keep popping up?

started yesterday, only on tehparadox when i click say the help desk it loads then redirects me to crackle.com. Ive tried deleting my cookies and cache as advised but still no luck. is this a virus? i have a mac book pro running lion which i thought was safe. this happens on random pages. any suggestions?
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Same here....anyone have a fix!
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Yeah i have a fix for this.
Donate to the forum!!!!! It is only $10+ and premium member no adverts.
Otherwise, use mozilla firefox as your browser with adblocker plus as an add-on, you should also get Web of Trust as an add-on too.
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You could use firefox with the addon noscript and only allow tehparadox.com
from the options.
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hi, does your Internet security have an option to enable popup blocking/anti banner etc?
i get no popups...from anywhere

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thank for the help, I'm just wondering why it started happening now. i believe its proprietary to safari since it locks most pop up's, to answer ryanX i have no security on my mac but safari has a pop blocker enabled.
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No ads should be hijacking the entire frame, without a Skip button.

Ads get rotated by the ad network. Sometimes, they fail to screen out advertisers who do not follow the rules. Most of the time, we can find the culprit and manually block it.

If it's too troublesome, we recommend enabling an ad-blocker.
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